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Ultimate Free Hosting Setup (Oracle + ARM + Nginx) | Ultimate Free Hosting Setup (Oracle + ARM + Nginx) – In this video tutorial we setup a free 4 vCPU, 24 GB ARM server, running Nginx with Webinoly. This is totally free to do. Commands Used in the Video:
????NOTE! You need ports 80,443,22222 no need for 888,8888,20,21 on the ingress rules & iptables sorry!????
(I was thinking of aapanel ports when I made this ????)

Other tutorials mentioned in the video:

I covered the Putty SSH setup previously here:

Webinoly install guide:

Optional commands, including custom SSL:

Get the Clouflare Origin pull certificate here:

Other good hosting options, with free trials and video setup tutorials:

0:00 introduction
2:04 Webinoly Install
7:43 WordPress Install
9:17 SSL setup
15:42 WordPress testing and performance
16:54 Conclusions

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