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Tor vs VPN | Everything You Need to Know (Beginner's Guide)

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Get Up to 82% Discount Today with PureVPN | Tor vs VPN | Everything You Need to Know (Beginner's Guide) – Tor vs. VPN, which is better? In this video, I will cover how both Tor and VPNs work, the pros and cons of each, and more.
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But Tor and VPN have been locked in a battle for years, and today, I’m finally going to put this debate to bed once and for all.

Tor stands for ‘The Onion Router’ and they’re a non-profit organization that develops digital privacy tools. The Tor browser is one of the company’s products, and it’s a tool that is primarily designed to protect your digital identity.

When you browse with the Tor browser, all your online activities are encrypted and travel through the Tor network, keeping everything you do private.

But how does the Tor browser do that exactly? Well, the Tor browser moves your internet traffic across various Tor servers (also called relays), thereby masking your real digital identity.

The browser also encrypts your traffic as it travels through these other servers, so that no one will be able to monitor your movements.

Now, what about a VPN?

A VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, and it’s a tool that is built to change your IP address while encrypting your traffic. These days, VPN has now become a must-have tool for the everyday internet user.

How does a VPN work? Every VPN service has a network of servers spread across the world. So, when you connect to one of their servers, your internet traffic travels through this server before it reaches the internet. This also means your IP address is temporarily changed to that of the VPN server you’re connected to.

And since your IP address must have changed to the IP address of the server you’ve chosen, you can also securely access the resources of that local network since your device will appear to be in a different place. For example, if you connect to a US-based server, you’ll be able to watch all the movies they have on the US Netflix library.

▶️ TOR Pros and Cons:

👍Free and open-source
👍Protects your privacy

👎Speed (not very fast compared to VPNs)
👎Many websites and services block Tor browser
👎Can get you in legal trouble

▶️ VPN Pros and Cons:

👍Speed (very fast compared to Tor)
👍Unblocks geo-restricted content
👍Encrypts all your traffic

👎Not free (free VPNs are usually very slow)
👎Some providers collect data

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