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Top American VPN | Best US VPN 2022

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Privacy and the USA – sadly, these two things couldn’t be less compatible. So, how can you stop your ISP and the government from constantly monitoring your online activities? Today, I’ll run through the best US VPN options – to help you regain your privacy and online anonymity.

00:00 Intro
0:50 Is NordVPN the Best USA VPN?
2:47 Surfshark – the best VPN 2022 option for the US?
4:38 IPVanish – the private VPN you need for the US?
5:50 TOP US VPN for free – AtlasVPN.
7:03 Best VPN for Netflix in the US – PureVPN.
8:32 Conclusion

⛰️ NordVPN ⛰️

The first USA VPN is none-other than NordVPN. There are a few reasons why it’s among my top VPN service choices – privacy-friendly Panama jurisdiction, RAM-only servers and has an audited no-logs policy – so your data doesn’t stick around.

For encryption, Nord has ChaCha20 and operates with the NordLynx tunneling protocol – an updated version of Wireguard.

With 5,400+ servers in more than 60 countries – NordVPN is a blast for those of us who want options. And of course, one thing Nord is well-known for – speeds.

You can start with a 7-day trial initially from an Android device and use it anywhere, after that, the cheapest option is under $4 a month currently.
⛰️ NordVPN – best for privacy & security ➡️

🦈 Surfshark 🦈

On the security side, Surfshark has ChaCha20 encryption and the Wireguard protocol. Feature-wise, this USA VPN is packed. Unlimited simultaneous connections, also things like Multihop adds an additional layer of security.

Surfshark doesn’t lack in the general department either – 3,200+ servers in 65+ countries. It’s crazy fast too – with general 88% original connection speed retention.

It’s also among the best VPN 2022 options for wonderful streaming capabilities. It unblocks the most foreign Netflix libraries out of any provider I’ve tried, handles BBC iPlayer, DAZN, and HBO Now as well.

Being as feature-packed as it is, Surfshark goes for under $3 a month currently – buuut you have to pick a long-term plan for that.
🦈 Surfshark – best price to value VPN ➡️

🔎IPVanish 🔎

What if you want a VPN that resides closer to home? Although I generally don’t recommend a US jurisdiction, I have a couple of options for you – one of the best US VPN services is IPVanish.

Their encryption is up to par – ChaCha20 with the Wireguard tunneling protocol.

For a general review, it does pretty well – 2,000+ servers in 75+ locations, great speed performance due to Wireguard, plus a nice bonus – unlimited device connections.

Pricing-wise, it’s right up there with NordVPN – going for just under $4 a month currently, with a long-term plan.
🔎IPVanish – VPN with great speeds ➡️

🔑AtlasVPN 🔑

What if you want a US-based VPN WITH an audited no-logs policy? AtlasVPN is my best suggestion. That and WireGuard tunneling protocol with ChaCha20 really solidifies AtlasVPN as one of the best VPNs to stay anonymous in the US.

Although AtlasVPN may not have the largest server pool, it’s still pretty decent – 750+ servers in 40+ locations. And, you get unlimited connections.

All that goes for around $2 a month currently. Even if you do start with a free version, I highly recommend upgrading – to fully experience one of the best US VPN options.
🔑AtlasVPN – superb VPN for streaming ➡️

🧸PureVPN 🧸

As an anonymous VPN for the US, PureVPN stands out in a very assuring way – it has implemented an Always-On audit policy.

Server-wise, PureVPN is a major player here – 6,500+ servers in 78+ countries. And, with 10 simultaneous connections, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

And when it comes to pricing, this is your cheapest option overall – with just under $2 a month currently.
🧸PureVPN – constantly audited for security ➡️

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