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Top 3 most secure VPN providers | Guide for the best VPN services

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Many VPN providers claim that they provide the most secure VPN service, when in fact the only thing they deliver is a disappointment. It really is hard to find a VPN with a high level of security and privacy. In this video, you will find an honest and detailed overview of three VPNs with the best security features and what makes them stand out compared to others.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 What encryption and protocols does NordVPN offer?
1:00 What are the most notable NordVPN security features?
2:51 Where is NordVPN located and can it ensure privacy?
3:31 Which security features are available with Surfshark?
5:01 Is the Surfshark One bundle a valuable benefit?
5:37 Where is Surfshark located?
5:52 Which security features are available with VyprVPN?
6:48 Where is VyprVPN located?
6:57 Pricing and final thoughts


How cool would it be to have a VPN with military-grade AES-256 encryption that even military structures consider as the golden standard for security? We all know how much they want to safeguard top-level secret information. And this is one encryption that no hacker would be able to bruteforce through during their entire lifetime. NordVPN has that, and much more:

RAM-only servers that can never retain any user information.
Kill switch, that automatically stops internet connection every time there is a lag or VPN connection break.
And more!

When determining the best VPN for security, privacy is a major concern. You need to be sure that your VPN is located within the privacy-friendly jurisdiction and not secretly ready to share your data at the snap of its fingers. The good news is that Panama, where NordVPN is situated, has a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, meaning they don’t interfere with how NordVPN interacts with its users.


Just like the NordVPN, Surfshark has the same ChaCha20 security encryption with WireGuard protocol. Of course, that means that you don’t have to worry about hackers gaining easy access to your data. There are the RAM-only servers as well, and of course, Surfshark wouldn’t be complete without the kill switch that hides your IP address even when your VPN suddenly disconnects.

If you live or travel to VPN restricted locations like China, you’ll be happy to know about the Surfshark NoBorders mode. This special obfuscation feature works hard to give you access to your favorite websites, no matter where you are. You could call Surfshark the best VPN for security to citizens of restricted countries, and you won’t be wrong.


Next is VyprVPN, and here are some major things to know about VyprVPN security. First, you’ll be getting much different security encryption with this VPN. VyprVPN uses ChaCha20 military-grade encryption, and to put it nicely, it’s pretty badass.
The kill switch feature is also in here, but there is more. Its special stealth protocol “chameleon” is a distinguishing feature in this VPN. When you connect to an unfamiliar (non-trusted) Wi-Fi network, it automatically encrypts your connection keeping you safe. I’m also pleased that it has its very own malicious site block, which blocks all websites on their malware domain blocklist. This gets updated regularly to keep you as secure as possible. Yes, VyprVPN security is pretty top-notch

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