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The BEST VPN right now in 2022 [our top VPN picks after test]

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The VPN market is constantly changing, and after spending last year testing & researching providers, it’s safe to say a lot has changed. That’s why I’ll run through my new & improved best VPN 2022 options, honestly discussing pros and cons that made them fit the bill.

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0:24 NordVPN features
2:28 Surfshark review
4:18 IPVanish
6:00 VyprVPN pros
7:09 PrivateVPN
8:38 Conclusion

NordVPN deserves its place on the list of best VPN 2022. In terms of security, it has standard elements – a functional kill switch to prevent leaks during connection instability, top-level encryption, privacy-friendly jurisdiction. These are expected from the best VPN service.

NordVPN in 2022:
🚀 With NordVPN you’re looking at 6 connections per account
🚀 CyberSec to block ads & trackers
🚀 RAM-only servers
🚀 NordLynx on all apps
🚀 Kill switch
🚀 Plenty of extra features
🚀 A wide offering of streaming capabilities

🧨 NordVPN – the great all-rounder with no limitations ➡️

Surfshark is a fast-developing service, worth using in 2022.

It has the standards of the best VPN provider: encryption, kill switch, but there are also less common features. Just like NordVPN, Surfshark has RAM-only servers and a feature very similar to its CyberSec called CleanWeb. Great to see this kind of performance across all my devices, especially since there are no device limits at all. One account is enough even for a big family, making Surfshark one of the best VPN on PC and beyond. I find Sursfhark to be the best VPN service in terms of value. Just look at the graph, the long-term price is one of the lowest.

Surfshark in 2022:
⭐ Unlimited simultaneous connections
⭐ GPS spoofing
⭐ CleanWeb to block ads & malware
⭐ Split-tunneling
⭐ Kill switch
⭐ NoBorders mode
⭐ Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube
⭐ 7-day trial

💎 Surfshark – the best price-to-value VPN ➡️

IPVanish is a great contender for the best VPN 2022 spot. It keeps up with the standards in security – the effective encryption and kill switch are to thank for that, but it’s located in the US jurisdiction. Not that good for privacy, though IPVanish’s no-logs policy makes up for it. That said, it’s not the best for streaming: IPvanish only unblocks Netflix US and Youtube TV consistently, I had barely any luck with other streaming platforms. However, IPVanish is truly amongst the best VPN to use for torrenting: it is allowed on all servers and there is a SOCKS5 proxy available for speed boost.

PrivateVPN is a rather small VPN, but it keeps up with the big guys! It even has a spin on the standards: a customizable encryption, though you’d be choosing between some of the weaker options, so it’s not that important. The kill switch is here though, that’s what counts. While it doesn’t have many security features, it offers a Special Stealth VPN mode, an obfuscation mode capable of working in China, unlike IPVanish’s obfuscation.

PrivateVPN in 2022:

📢7-day free trial
📢Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more
📢Great for torrenting
📢Decent connection speed
📢6 simultaneous connections
📢Customizable encryption

IPVanish in 2022:

🔥UNLIMITED simultaneous connections
🔥Bypass Netflix US and Youtube geo-blocks
🔥Great security and privacy
🔥Outstanding for torrenting
🔥Very cheap

In conclusion, each of these VPNs is great for its own reason. NordVPN is a great all-rounder, Surfshark is a value powerhouse, VyprVPN excels at obfuscation, IPVanish is solid for torrenting and PrivateVPN is my best choice for beginners.

Do you have your own best VPN on PC? Or are you still looking for one?

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