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Surfshark VPN vs CyberGhost | Hunt for the best VPN 2022

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Surfshark and CyberGhost are very close on a technical level, to the point that many users can’t make an educated choice between the two. They have different features, sure. But to find that out you have to look deep, and that’s what we did. Not about to hide anything, so here goes Surfshark vs CyberGhost comparison – the only one you need.

00:00 Intro
00:57 Notable VPN features
2:50 Compatibility & simultaneous connections
4:35 Which VPN has a bigger server fleet?
5:03 Surfshark VS CyberGhost: speed test
5:43 Which VPN is the most secure?
6:45 Which VPN is the best for streaming?
7:52 Which one is better for torrenting?
8:27 VPNs pricing
9:20 Overview: which VPN is a better option?

Surfshark pros:

💎Fast and stable performance
💎GPS spoofing
💎Anti-censorship NoBorders mode
💎UNLIMITED simultaneous connections
💎CleanWeb to block ads & malware
💎Split tunneling
💎Full P2P and streaming support
💎Best value for money

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CyberGhost pros:

⭐Great security and decent performance
⭐Massive server fleet
⭐Specialized streaming and torrenting servers
⭐Unique features

Read our full CyberGhost review:

Surfshark has an overall edge over CyberGhost, however, that doesn’t mean it’s a complete victory. CyberGhost still provides some unique features, a more substantial coverage with its server grid and it’s sufficiently cheap to be considered a legitimate competitor. Both have their own merit, though I would personally choose Surfshark as a better service overall.

But what’s your opinion on those services? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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