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So you need to make money fast in quarantine. But you ran out of options to make money legally. It looks like we’re gonna have to explore more means of business. Becoming a career bank robber is the only logical route.

Robbing banks is like any other business or investment. The more risk you take on, the more money and ROI you’re gonna make.

You have to keep in mind not to do what’s expected by the public or law enforcement. Study the data on what most would-be bank robbers do on their heists and figure out a way to do the opposite to confuse law enforcement. This is where the money is at.

Partner up with other people. You can rob bigger banks and take home bigger takes. With multiple people, you can instill more fear into the employees and customers. The biggest downside to this is that legitimate partnerships in legal businesses are already risky enough.

Choose the right bank to rob. If you’re going in blazing, find out what kind of defense measures they have in place like panic buttons, bait money. If you’re gonna do the whole breaking in at night to crack the vault, you’re gonna need to choose a bank that has a security system you pass, a vault you’re able to crack. Whatever bank you choose, you’re gonna want to make sure it has multiple escape routes.

Choose the right getaway car. If everyone invisions the perfect getaway car to be a van or tough looking SUV, use the exact opposite.

Banks and authorities have gotten more and more sophisticated against thieves, just make sure you don’t fall victim for any of these traps. Banks have cash with GPS trackers. Then there’s the classic silent alarm or panic button that tellers can use.

It’s the get rich quick moment we’ve been waiting for. The number one thing you need to do is to instill fear into your subjects.

Once you’re in and out, boom! You just made some instant easy money 😉
But we’re not done yet, so escape in that getaway car and let’s move onto the final step

You have all this heist money that you just scored but before you can use that money, you have to make sure it looks legitimate, whether that be a job, business or investments. This is where money laundering comes in. Once you’ve laundered your score – you’re good to go! Just make sure that if it was a really big score, or any score for that matter, it probably wouldn’t be very wise to make any big purchases right away

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