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Over 30 ways you can MAKE MONEY as an artist | Over 30 ways you can MAKE MONEY as an artist – I’m so exhausted of hearing the myth of the “starving artist” because ARTISTS DON’T HAVE TO STARVE!! You can not only *survive* but *thrive* as an artist, and that’s why I’m listing over 30 ways you can make money as an artist in this video.

Here’s the full list + resources I mentioned!

I was told over and over again as a kid that you can’t make money as an artist (again, not true) and that discouragement prevented me from pursuing art seriously until after I’d graduated from college with a degree I wouldn’t end up using.

I’ve been pursuing an art career ever since, slowly building up my income streams and beginning to make money. It absolutely takes work and patience and a hefty dose of luck but it’s absolutely achievable– artists do not have to starve. In fact, the variety of income streams available to creatives is unlike any other career.


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