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Norton VPN review 2022 | Best VPN and best antivirus option?

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There’s no denying that Norton is one of the best companies out there for cybersecurity-related software, but it isn’t often that their VPN takes center stage! So I’ll be discussing if it is worth it in this Norton VPN review 2022!
Norton has been around for decades in the world of Cybersecurity, and they haven’t been messing around. They’ve released product after product that’s just been knocking it out of the park. Their antivirus is super reputable with best-in-class malware protection, a bevy of features, even advanced stuff like parental controls. But, is their Norton secure VPN a match? First, we don’t really have to ask if Norton VPN is good or not good, it’s more of a should you get the antivirus and VPN bundle or the Norton secure VPN standalone version?

Norton VPN explained:
✅ Norton has held its services to quite the standard. It’s always done great in terms of keeping the connection secure, and making the user experience super simple and efficient, while also being fast.

📺 It allows you to unblock certain streaming sites from all over the world, keep your activity secure, provides adequate tunneling protocols, keeps ad trackers away from your devices, and with their no-logs policy doesn’t want to steal your data for themselves.

🚆 To my surprise, Norton VPN 2022 is actually pretty fast! Not only that, but when I was running my Norton VPN test 2022, I noticed that there weren’t really any noticeable speed drops, only in particular locations, like Poland or India.

🌎 You get access to servers in 30 locations all around the world. A great plus point is that it’ll automatically connect you to the best VPN server that’s going to be the fastest for your connection, so everything runs super smoothly.

🔥 With the VPN, you get access to secure browsing, an impeccable ad blocker, wifi security, split tunneling, and even a kill switch for emergencies!

Should you consider the Norton VPN & Norton antivirus bundle?
With the Antivirus + VPN bundle, you get the best of both worlds. Remember, a VPN won’t directly help you avoid malware and advanced threats. So, merging these two tools together is a great way to protect all of your devices, and stay anonymous online in the meantime.

🔒 Norton Antivirus + VPN
🔒 Real-time Protection
🔒 Firewall
🔒 Password Manager

00:00 Intro
0:38 Norton VPN pros & cons
2:36 Norton VPN test 2022
3:20 Can Norton VPN unblock Netflix?
3:52 Norton VPN servers
4:14 Norton VPN security features
4:34 Norton VPN + antivirus bundle
5:41 Is Norton worth it?
7:00 Final thoughts

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