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NordVPN Review | Why It's Popular…but Is it REALLY a Best VPN?

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – Desktop Software Review
3:26 – Mobile App Review
5:47 – NordVPN Standard Features
6:32 – NordVPN Unique Features
7:33 – NordVPN versus Competitors
7:54 – My One Concern with NordVPN
9:24 – Final Verdict on NordVPN

Welcome to another video review from All Things Secured. I’m Josh and my goal is to provide a clear review of NordVPN based on years of using the software, and I’m going to try to be as unbiased as possible.

I’m going to show you the desktop & mobile software, explain the various features they offer, compare them to other VPNs on the market and finally share with you my concerns.

In my opinion, NordVPN continues to offer one of the best pieces of VPN software on the market. It’s incredibly easy to install and is very user-friendly, even for those of you who aren’t very tech savvy.

But design only takes you so far. Let’s dive into the various features NordVPN offers.

These kinds of features include, at the time of this recording:
– AES 256-bit encryption;
– Over 5,500 servers spread across 59 countries;
– A VPN Kill Switch
– A Zero-log policy;
– Email & live chat customer support;
– Dedicated apps for desktop, mobile, browsers, smart TVs, routers and more;
– 30-day money back guarantee;

None of the features on this list are special. Any VPN you’re considering should have this.

So what NordVPN features are unique?

– Simultaneous connections: NordVPN currently offers 6 simultaneous connections, which means that you can connect with six different devices at once. The industry standard is between 3-5, so NordVPN comes out on top here.
– Double VPN: For those who want even more security, NordVPN offers the ability to connect through two VPN servers, changing your IP address twice. While there are a few other VPNs that offer this as well, such as Surfshark, it’s not very common.
– P2P and Onion over VPN servers, which if these words don’t mean anything to you, that probably means the feature itself won’t be a benefit to you either.
– CyberSec is a combination advertisement and malicious website blocker offered by NordVPN.
– Nordlynx, which is a fancy name for NordVPN’s implementation of the WireGuard protocol. It’s a protocol that is still under development, but so far, it’s been touted as one of the fastest, most secure VPN protocols available today, even beating out OpenVPN.

The only concern worth pointing out is the issue of trust.

The reason for this is twofold:

First, it’s not entirely clear who owns and runs NordVPN. I mean, it’s based in Panama and owned by a company called Tefincom S.A., but that’s about all we know. This is a red flag for me personally since what’s basically happening here is we’re securing our data by routing it through the servers of an unknown entity.

To be fair, this same accusation can be made against most popular VPNs. With few exceptions, such as VyprVPN or IPVanish, most VPN companies tend to be extremely vague about their ownership.

The second concern in regards to trust has to do with a security breach that happened on a server NordVPN was leasing back in early 2018. As you can imagine, a security company being hacked garnered a lot of press.

Based on my research, however, it’s ironic that this security breach concerns me less than the opaque ownership. The reason is that not only did this breach not compromise any user privacy, it also resulted in numerous internal and external audits on the NordVPN servers that have probably made it one of the more reliably secure VPN server networks you can use.

So what’s my final verdict on NordVPN?

It’s an amazing piece of software that ticks all the right boxes in terms of features you expect to have with a VPN. As far as security is concerned, NordVPN is ahead of the competition in its adoption of new protocols like WireGuard as well as the way it has gone about auditing its server network and security protocols.

My only concern, and it’s the same one that can be leveled against many other VPNs today, is that I have no idea who runs NordVPN and what kind of accountability they have.

When it comes to your data security and online privacy, you’re caught between trusting the devil you know versus the one you don’t.

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