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How To Make Money On Your Phone In 2022 | How To Make Money On Your Phone In 2022 – My aunt had this hussle when I was growing up and it was online surveys, and she told me she made a good amount of money by doing them. So I tried it, I got $5 for singing up, and I after spending a few minutes on serves I rejected by almost everyone. When I ran the numbers I was working for like $2-5 an hour, never again have I gone back to that style of survey.

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0:00 Intro
2:13 Investment apps
3:27 Invest in Real estate
5:21 Delivery Service or Gig Worker
6:29 Driving service
7:32 App to Sell stuff
10:32 Customer Service
11:45 Language Tutor
12:38 Freelancing
13:40 Tutor
14:53 Outro

1. Investment apps: 1 options
– I’m giving you one option because its what I use, and I don’t want to recommend something that I stopped using for obvious reasons
– I recommend in M1 Finance ( it takes 15-30M to set the app up and you can literally set it and forget it )
– You can open up a Roth Ira, transfer over your 401k from the old company, or just have normal brokerage account like I do
Tip: You can copy my exact portfolio, and get the same exact results I get and that cuts your set up time from 15-30m to less than 5m ( and yes all brokerage require you to put in your social and it is safe ) – expect to make 10-12% a year on average, and invest 10-20% of your income once you are debt free and have an emergency account.

2. Invest in Real estate
– The most popular app is Fundrise, and that’s important because having more people be apart of the platform can mean more liquidity
– It takes $500 to get started and you can literally start investing into massive real estate deals
– Just remember its not like the stock market where you can invest and sell it minutes, this is less liquid

You profits will come from:
– Rents
– Appreciation

I don’t like:
– The .85% portfolio fee and .15 advisory fee, it adds up to 1%

What I do
– So instead I just buy reats ( I own shares of VNQ with an expense ratio of .12% and you make currently 2.19% in dividend)
– And you can also sell whenever you want
– 10% of my portfolio allocation is towards real estate

3. Delivery Service or Gig Worker
– Two option Task rabbit and Insta Cart ( also amazon has flex)
– If you have extra time and you want to make money this is a very easy way to get it done

4. Driving service
– Uber and Lyft
– My friend makes between 50-60k a year doing uber but he works it full time
– If you work a 9-5 that’s 5-10 and that’s an extra $300-1000 bucks a week

5. App to Sell stuff : dollar store or amazon method or brickseek/flipper
– First start by selling your stuff on facebook or ebay, the things you don’t need
– You can then buy stuff at discount stores and resell them online
– And you can also be discount shopper flipper

6. Customer Service
– Apple, Verizon and a lot of other companies
– They have legit from home customer service programs
– That pay you $15 bucks an hour and you pick your house

How: go to their websites and search for job opening

7. Language Tutor
– If you know English and want to get paid to teach someone English
– You can use
– To sing up and help people and make cash from around the world

8. Freelancing: Copywritting, Writing books for people aka ghost writing and whatever other skills you have
– You can use websites like Fiverr and upwork to get you start on offering your services
– And if you don’t have a skill, just learn one

9. Tutor
– Few options: Brainfuse or tutorme




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