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HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS SUMMARY (BY WILLIAM O’ NEIL) | HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS SUMMARY (BY WILLIAM O’ NEIL) – Support the channel by getting How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’ Neil here:

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Animated video summary of How to Make Money in Stocks, where I will present the top 5 takeaways from this William O’Neil best-seller, that any investor should consider when buying and selling stocks.

A playlist of the greatest beginner’s books on day trading:

Top 5 takeaways from How to Make Money in Stocks:
00:00 Intro
0:28 1. Follow CAN SLIM
3:03 2. How You Can Decide the Market Direction
5:05 3. Buy Stocks from a Strong Base
7:35 4. 1 Time You Should Always Sell Your Stock
8:44 5. 9 Times You Should Consider Selling Your Stock

– Takeaway number 1 is that before buying a stock, make sure that it passes the CAN SLIM-test.
– Advice number 2 is that every investor must have tools for deciding whether we are in a bull or bear market. This is important because using leverage in a bull market, while raising cash in bear markets will increase your gains tremendously.
– The 3rd tip is that it’s not enough for a stock to pass CAN SLIM for you to invest in it. The best opportunities arise from stocks that are also forming strong bases, such the “cup with handle”.
– Takeaway number 4 is that you must face reality when you are wrong and limit your losses. You do this by selling everything that goes below 7-8% of your purchasing price.
– Lastly, takeaway number 5 is that there are multiple situations where it’s time to realize your stock gains. Develop a system for this, and don’t be afraid to steal a few of William O’Neil’s time tested methods for it.

My goal with this channel is to help you make more money and improve your personal finances. How to become a millionaire? There are many ways to get there – investing in the stock market, becoming a stock trader, doing real estate investing, or why not becoming an entrepreneur? But whether you are interested in how to invest in stocks or investing strategies for creating passive income with rental properties – I hope to be able to provide you with a solution (or at least an idea) here. Warren Buffett – the greatest investor of our time – says that you should fill your mind with competing ideas and then see what makes sense to you. This channel is about filling your mind with those ideas. And in the process – upgrading your money-making toolbox.

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