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How to Make Money in a Market Crash | How to Make Money in a Market Crash – I learned a very important lesson in business along time ago and I have no idea who I learned from. But the lessons were simple, never ask a barber if you need a Haircut. Right now, I thought of that because the new News are us Youtubers, and I noticed that all the videos from the top creators are Negative, ( Market is Crashing, Wealth Transfer, Bear market and then theirs sell everything ). I also do that every now and then, but if you watch video their always a positive spin to it and plan of action.

Are you ever surprised when winter is cold and when summers is hot, probably not because you know that the earth ha
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1. Buy the dip

-This is super stupid when 90% of people say it
-Because what they mean is
-The market is down, it has to come up, go ahead and buy at discount

But its like going to Walmart: to buy your Meat

-You notice the its 50% off
-So you buy it and bring back home and it smells and you have 2 more days before it expires
-Did you get a good deal, the answer is no obviously and I think this is example is terrible

But my point is simple:

-To buy something at a discount you have to obviously know what’s a real value is
-And its real value is not based on what the price use to

Theirs only One Group of Investors that can Buy the dip Blindly ( at Cost of course )

-These are the long term investors that invest into Index funds, and ETfs that track indexes
-Here is why this works, because these investors ( the boring investors like me ), are willing to leave the money inside for 10-20 or even 40 years
-So in the long the market will correct that down turn, and investing a little more during the market lows will improve the overall gains

Cons are simple:
-You don’t take the money out
-You have to be super patient
-And you have to trust the data of the last 50 years, that the market has recovered 100% of the time

2. Short the Market

-To make this simple, shorting is like betting that something will go down in price and that you buy it for lower later and give it back
-For example, if me and you are neighbors and you ask me for my lawnmower 5000, which cost $1000
-You grab immediately and sell it, if the price of my lawnmower 5000 goes down to 500 you make an instant $500 profit, but if the price goes to 10,000 you have to find that money

The Problem with shorting is

– There is no cap on how high the market can go
– And this takes a lot of luck/skill to predict how the market will behave
– I made a video about the guy that made over 1 billion dollars in one while doing that, he though he was a genius and eventually lost all the money and took his own Li**

But here is a simple way to do it:

-You can buy an SH which is an investment that moves against the market
-So if you have 10% of your money inside their and the market drops like crazy you’ll will see some crazy gains
-But this is not an investment strategy I’m using because I’m not interested in shorts

3. Buy securities for a less than its worth ( Value Investors )

– This is group of very smart investors, that look like terrible investors when everyone makes money and look like genius when everyone is losing money

– Now a lot of the very famous investor went to Colombia, and they all say they could have skipped it, so I would recommend these two book

How you make Money:

-You control your emotions

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