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How To Make Money For Teens | 13-16 year olds | How To Make Money For Teens | 13-16 year olds – For this video is to guys 3 ways to make money as a teenager ( 3 ways including 3 more options within them), and if you make it to the end of the video, I’ll tell you exactly how I made over 100 per day as a 12-year-old and also what to do with the money once you make it

How To Make Money For Teens | 13-16-year-olds

Segway: now the first thing is this, if you live in the United States of America, to work as minor, you will need a working paper from your school.
– So tmr when you go to school, ask them for those papers.

Oh: And you are only allowed to work: 40 hours per week & 8 hours per day – no overtime ( at least in New York)

1. Fast Food: McDonalds, Starbucks and Chick-fil-a ( plus picture for more actions ( ages 14 )
– When I was a teenager
– The idea of working at McDonald’s and have my friends come and find me there, embarrassed the heck out of me
– So I always avoid fast food places, but I don’t really care, it more about making the money. ( and if people laugh at you for having a job, while they play Fortnite, who cares)

– Get a resume template from google and copy and paste it ( do not pay for this, just copy and paste or look and paste)
– If you know someone at the place, ask for a hookup
– If you don’t quality volume will be key ( apply to as much as possible ) 5-10 at a time and follow up with them.

2. Amusement Parks: Six Flags ( some are 15 )
– Remember guys
– Even when a job starts to get boring
– You still gotta be Working

How much:
– These jobs are usually minimum wage
– Come with perks and discounts.

3. Entrepreneurship: Sell Stuff At School ( Candy, Soda, Homework services and so on)

– I remember I did a paper and got paid $60
– And I also remember all the kids that sold candy in my school, had the best jordans
– Tbh bad way to spend the money, but at least it shows they were making money

– Not all School Allow you to Sell Candy ( but if they do, then by all means do)
– And if you want to do people homework for cash ( that’s also not allowed) – so do tutoring instead ( remember their parents will pay for it, so you can charge a good rate)
– Look at your friends: and see where they spend their money: and figure out how to provide that service and you get the cash.
Example: I can give you my Netflix account for cash
– I can get you some cool sneakers ( Yeezy) and so on.

Segway: As promised, here is the way I made money ( most of these are illegal so please do not do them)
– I was like Gary with the Lemonade
– But in reality, I could easily lander in jail
– At the age of 12

What I did:
– I distributed Paper Boats and Plans for $5 a piece ( my friend made them and I sold it )
– Worked at Super Market and Made 60-90 bucks just with tips ( and also got paid bi-weekly)
– I resold my lunch: ( my mom made chicken burgers, I sold them for $5 bucks a pop)
– And then ( I bought DVDs, burned movies on them, and resold them at lunch)
( I can’t give details, but I sold them for $10 a pop).
– And I also made a Youtube Channel

Tip: Remember, Save your Money, Multiply your Money, And Spend some of the extra money your money made you

– Should I make a video, on investing for 13-16




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