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How to create seller account on Fiverr 2022

How to create seller account on Fiverr – If you’re searching for a side hustle or a way to generate money while working from home, Fiverr is an excellent resource. 

You can provide freelance services and interact with potential consumers all on the same platform by using Fiverr. This video will lead you through obtaining your first work on Fiverr as well as how to make money on the service.

Why You Should Start Making Money On Fiverr Gigs now. 

Here are 5  reasons why you might consider working on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. Work on your free time, Set your pay rates, Build your network worldwide , Great side income, Commit as much as you want. 

How to create seller account on Fiverr :

Step 1. Create a Fiverr account on the website platform or fiverr apps by selecting the ‘Become a Seller’ option. Choose a great username because this is what clients would see while looking for work. 

Step 2. You will receive email to Activate your account and create a profile that includes a description of your services, talents, educational history, and a photo of yourself. 

Step 3. After you’ve created your profile, it’s time to start attracting clients by creating a simple gig. For each service you provide, you can establish a new gig. Having a few different sorts of gigs up at the same time makes it easier for clients to locate you and guarantees you have a wider reach.

Step 4. To set yourself out different from other, you must first make a wonderful and interesting gig title. Then, you may provide a gig description that describes the services you offer and what a consumer can expect. Finally, if you’re stuck on how to write this section, look at similar gigs for inspiration.

Step 5. You can also provide additional content, such as a gig image, gig videos, and, if possible, a video testimonial from a past client. You can also add a gig package and other features to your Fiverr profile to turn it into a full-fledged sales page. 

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