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How to Choose the Best VPN Service for BBC iPlayer

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It’s a question that’s often discussed in the British expat bars and cafes all over the world. What is the best VPN system to use for streaming the BBC?
Well in this video we look at an alternative and to be honest a very good one too. It’s called Smart DNS and operates in a similar way to a VPN.

It doesn’t provide any security or indeed an encryption layer – Smart DNS does one thing, and that’s to bypass geo-blocks. All it does it does it route a small section of your initial connection in order to hide your location.
Which means that when you’re watching the BBC through a Smart DNS server most of it is routed direct which means it’s much quicker. It also allows you to access BBC iPlayer without any lag or software.

This has a further advantage that because it doesn’t require software , you can enable Smart DNS on any device just by changing a couple of settings.

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