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How to change your Netflix region with a VPN [100% works]

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Why is some Netflix content restricted?
Now, Netflix itself is available in close to 200 countries across the world. However, due to contracts with production studios and copyright agreements – Netflix is holding out on us, and some content is restricted to particular countries. In short, what shows up on your Netflix library might not be the same as what Keanu Reeves scrolls on a lonely, winters night.

That’s right, the list of content you see solely depends on where you are in the world. ”Essentially, Netflix has the right to stream content they don’t own the copyrights to, only in agreed-upon locations.” So, if you’re travelling or want to access specific content, this can become an issue and that’s why many are looking for solutions to these restrictions.

Based in Panama, NordVPN is not legally required to collect any information on its users. This is reflected in their no-logs policy, which was independently audited by Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC). This is a crucial factor when choosing a VPN, especially if you want to hide your identity.
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Is using a VPN for Netflix legal?
Many have turned to Virtual private networks as a fix to accessing the glorious content they’re after, and to bypass their countries’ restrictions. However, there may be a question looming over your head – Is this even legal? Well, that’s a fine question to ask, nobody wants to end up behind bars. Yes, it is very much legal to use a magical VPN to access that Netflix content in MOST COUNTRIES! However, some countries that already have restrictions on VPNs (China, Iran or Russia) users could face huge issues so, that’s something to keep in mind!

How does it work and how to watch Netflix using a VPN
Now you know it can be done but how does a VPN do these magical things? A VPN lets you connect through an intermediary server, hiding your IP address and making it look like you’ve connected from a different location. So, when you use it alongside Netflix, it tricks Netflix into thinking you’re in the specific country that you’ve connected to. To do this is simple:

First, you just need to download and install your prefered VPN, there’s many that can unlock Netflix, although NOT ALL, so it’s important to get the right one. A few of our picks would be NordVPN, SurfsharkVPN or ExpressVPN which make the process as smooth as possible and offer a large variety of different servers to connect to around the world, using up-to-date technology that’s needed to unlock Netflix.

Next, you would need to use the VPN to connect to the country that you’d like to watch Netflix from, this is really simple and although VPNs might have slightly different interfaces, you generally just click a location on a map or select a country’s name from a list.

📚 Top Netflix libraries:
Currently, the top 5 largest Netflix libraries happen to be the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India and Australia so really there’s a lot to be unlocked and you aren’t just limited to the UK or the U.S.

🇺🇸 – 5,879
🇨🇦 – 5,730
🇬🇧 – 5,673
🇮🇳 – 5,591
🇦🇺 – 5,349

0:00 intro
1:00 Why is some Netflix content restricted?
1:52 Is using a VPN for Netflix legal?
2:35 How to watch Netflix using a VPN and how does it work?
4:40 Countries with largest Netflix libraries?
5:17 How can I change my Netflix region without a VPN?

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