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How to change Steam region | BEST Steam VPN + EASY TUTORIAL

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Here’s our super-secret mission – figuring out how to change Steam region. Yes, it’s not as simple as in the olden days but it IS still possible. Buckle up, because we’re going into Steam VPN territory.

🔎 Things to know before changing the Steam region

💣 You are only able to change your Steam region every 3 months, to prevent users from abusing the system.

💣 To go through with Steam region change, you’ll need an address and ZIP code of the location you’ll be switching to, anything else – just won’t work.

💣 The paying methods can get a bit complicated. Once you change your region, you won’t be able to pay with a card from another country.

💣 Know that getting your account suspended is still a possibility. You won’t get banned for simply using a VPN to protect your identity or avoid DDoS attacks, but changing Steam countries to get cheap deals is against their Terms of Service.

🔎 How to choose a VPN for Steam

There are three key things I recommend looking into – solid privacy practices, location options and performance.

Three of the best VPN suggestions I can make – NordVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish. They’ve all got plenty of servers and audited no-logs policies. Nord and Surfshark double down on the no-logs policy with RAM-only servers and a plethora of additional features.

When it comes to performance, the last thing I want is to spend hours on end waiting for a game to download. Not to mention, some VPNs can tragically affect online gaming performance and ruin the whole thing. So, I’ve set up some speed tests to confirm these Steam VPN picks won’t do such damage – and got great results.

Recommended VPNs for Steam:

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✅ IPVanish ➡️

🔎 How to change Steam region?

I’ll walk you through every step. Since I often use NordVPN as my preferred VPN, I’ll demonstrate this process on it, but any VPN will work more or less the same.

Depending on what country you picked for your Steam, the process is pretty straightforward at the start – you simply need to connect to the server of the chosen country.

Now, open up your Steam app and go to “Store”. Then, add a game to your shopping cart. You won’t have to purchase it, but it’s a necessary step to successfully change Steam region.

Once you’re inside the shopping cart, click on the country list. From there, select your preferred country, do the same in the pop-up window.

From here, you’ll need to proceed to check out and enter the billing information. Again, the billing address has to match the country you selected. But once you’re through with that, CONGRATULATIONS, achievement unlocked – you have learned how to change Steam region.

🔎 Steam VPN troubleshooting

If your Steam is not working with a VPN, here are a few simple troubleshooting steps. Connect to a different server or, if that doesn’t help, try to temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall software, it could be interfering with your VPN connection.

As the last resort, you could try contacting VPN customer support – they won’t tell you how to change Steam location but they’ll help you solve the connection problems.

Another possible problem – Steam might not be available in your country. Though it’s a global application, there are a few exceptions – and you may have trouble finding out how to change Steam country in North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, or Iran.


Final thoughts ➡️

Overall, the main thing to note is do your research. Get a reliable Steam VPN, change country responsibly and keep in mind the 3-month limit – don’t overly abuse the system.

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