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How to change Netflix region (Get the best Netflix VPN in 2022)

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Need to watch that new show only available in a distant Netflix library? Well, a VPN can show you how to change Netflix region and watch it. In this video you’ll see if you can use free VPNs for streaming, and which providers are not only the best VPNs for Netflix but also your security.

00:00 Intro
0:14 What does the best VPN for Netflix need?
1:00 NordVPN on accessing Netflix
1:57 Surfshark results
2:50 PrivateVPN
3:28 AtlasVPN premium
4:19 Conclusion

So, what does the best VPN for Netflix 2022 need? In general VPNs use IP addresses from the same locations as the Netflix library to let you access it, that’s the secret. But since Netflix often detects and bans these IPs after some time, only VPNs with lots of servers work well with Netflix. I’ve tried many free options, but even those that used to work can no longer access Netflix. If you’ve come for the free VPN for Netflix, I’m sorry, there are just no options left here.
You’ve gotta use the best VPN Netflix 2022 can’t break.

🧨 NordVPN – the great all-rounder with no limitations ➡️
It’s not too expensive and has a good value for the price, if you worry about that. NordVPN’s server fleet is quite massive: there are over 5,200 servers in 60 countries, many of which have unique Netflix libraries. With NordVPN, I’m enjoying all of these libraries as if I was there, there’s no substantial delay, speeds are fast and the video quality is great. I can even use this Netflix VPN to stream from SmartTVs using the SmartDNS feature, and one account can be used on up to 6 devices at the same time. On top of the comparatively low price, you can try NordVPN with a 7-day trial on Android or use a 30-day money-back guarantee on any device.

💎 Surfshark – the best price-to-value VPN for Netflix ➡️
Surfshark is another one of the best VPN for Netflix options that can access around 30 different Netflix libraries. I wouldn’t have expected less, not with 3,200 servers in 65 countries. I’ve not experienced any lags, slowdowns or freezes. With Surfshark VPN, one account is enough for any number of devices. Similarly to NordVPN, Surfshark can be used for streaming on SmartTVs and it has apps for all major platforms. Unlike NordVPN though, Surfshark provides tremendous value for the price, I think it’s the cheapest VPN with such a good Netflix performance. And it even has a money-back guarantee and a 7-day trial for iOS, Android and MacOS.

💎 PrivateVPN – a low budget Netflix VPN for beginners ➡️
PrivateVPN is a decent option if you are wondering how to change Netflix region easily. While it doesn’t have as many servers, they span over 63 countries, so I managed to access Netflix on a few dozen servers. The speeds with PrivateVPN are usually quite good, but I noticed some instability during peak hours. When it comes to accessing Netflix, PrivateVPN is still doing well, so if you don’t mind infrequent buffering, this VPN will satisfy you. Especially since PrivateVPN is quite affordable and has a 7-day trial for all platforms. A 30-day money back guarantee too.

💎 AtlasVPN – a freemium Netflix VPN ➡️
AtlasVPN used to be my favorite free VPN to run Netflix with, but its free version is no longer able to access Netflix – VPN block enforced by the platform is too strong now. Gotta rely on the premium version – and it can access 12 different Netflix libraries. With modern software involved in setting the connection for this Netflix VPN, best speeds are achieved effortlessly. Unfortunately, you can only try this Netflix VPN out through iOS and Android apps with a 7-day trial, but the 30-day money back guarantee is the same for all platforms.

To summarize, NordVPN and Surfshark has to be the best VPN for streaming Netflix, taking into consideration big server fleets and native SmartTV support. Plus, they can access the majority of Netflix libraries.
However, if you care only about accessing US and UK Netflix, AtlasVPN and PrivateVPN can be cheap and simple options to try out.

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