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How to change IP address in 2022? | Best VPN to stay ANONYMOUS

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From online anonymity to bypassing geo-blocks – there are many benefits to changing your IP. It’s not hard to do either, so if you’re searching how to change your IP address, I got you covered – we’ll discuss both the how and the why.

Internet Protocol, IP for short, is an identifying number assigned to your device. Without it, you can’t connect to the internet, but it also gives away your location – imagine it as a home address. Changing your IP provides benefits such as anonymity on the internet, can give you access to regionally blocked deals when shopping and allows location changing to access geo-restricted content.

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0:17 How does IP address work?
0:37 Benefits of changing your IP address
1:35 How to change your IP with NordVPN?
2:10 NordVPN features & benefits
3:55 Changing IP with Surfshark
4:22 Surfshark features
5:26 VyprVPN on changing your IP
5:44 VyprVPN benefits
6:43 Conclusion

⛰️ NordVPN ⛰️

For my fellow mac users searching up “how to change IP address on mac”, NordVPN is among my best VPN picks. It’ll work great on any other device, but as other providers tend to lack a bit in the Apple department, I had no major issues with NordVPN. IP changes are super easy – I log in, quick-connect to a VPN server and get an IP of that specific server – a fake IP that masks my own.

Also, as one of the best VPN providers, NordVPN has 5,300+ servers in 60 countries – so there are tons of online stores and special region-based deals to explore. Plus, if you connect to a foreign server and change IP, NordVPN opens up foreign libraries of the biggest streaming providers – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and etc.
⛰️ NordVPN – leading VPN service on the market ➡️

🦈 Surfshark 🦈

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know how to change IP. Surfshark makes this process just as easy. See, once I’m logged in, I can just press the connect button and it will connect me to the server that’s closest to me. Just like that, I get that server’s IP address.

As for security and privacy, Surfshark also has servers protected with special anti DDoS protection, ChaCha20 encryption and an audited no-logs policy. Surfshark has 3,200+ servers in 65 countries – as part of the “how to change IP address” process, you get plenty of options both for privacy and security reasons, as well as stuff like getting deals and streaming.
🦈 Surfshark – unlimited connections per account ➡️

🍇 VyprVPN 🍇

Those two giants of the VPN world are definitely not the only ones who will do the job – VyprVPN IP change is just as easy to achieve. Again, just connect, pick a server, and bam, you know how to change IP address on Windows 10. Or any other device.

VyprVPN uses ChaCha20 encryption, they’re based in Switzerland, known for strong privacy laws – so they aren’t required to log any data apart from some payment and contact details. Plus, they have an audited no-logs policy. Sure, it’s a smaller provider and has fewer features, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking. 700 servers spread across 70 countries – optioooonnns. Both for getting the best deals and streaming!
🍇 VyprVPN – secure and fast service ➡️

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