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How to block ads on Chrome | Best VPN ad blocker 2022

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I’m gonna tell you all about how to block ads on Chrome… with a VPN. Yes, an Adblock VPN has a few advantages over simple AdBlock services – it takes care of online privacy and blocks malicious websites too. So, here are my top 5 picks – and it’s up to you to decide whether one of these will be your best ad blocker buddy too.

🗻 NordVPN 🗻

The first VPN ad blocker with an answer on how to block ads on google chrome is NordVPN. I’ve tested their CyberSec feature on every single operating system – works like a charm.

Apart from the NordVPN ad-block, I also activated the Dark Web Monitor, there are quite a few more extra features to explore. Their general security policies check all the boxes – RAM-only servers, Panama jurisdiction, an audited no-logs policy… And with the Nordlynx protocol, NordVPN performed well in my speed tests.
🗻 NordVPN – best overall ad blocker VPN ➡️

🦈 Surfshark 🦈

The next VPN on the best ad blocker list is Surfshark. So how to block ads on Chrome browser with it? Activate CleanWeb! It takes care of all the chrome ads and blocks malicious websites. Surfshark adblock isn’t the only thing Surfshark has up its sleeve. Their Android exclusive GPS Spoofing feature is one of my favorite things – it tricks your apps into thinking you’re physically in the location of the VPN server. Security is up to standards too – ChaCha20 encryption with the Wireguard protocol, a no-logs policy that has been proven with audits.
🦈 Surfshark – unlimited connections adblock VPN ➡️

🌎 AtlasVPN 🌎

If you’re still asking, can a VPN block ads, AtlasVPN says yes and takes it a step further with their Tracker Blocker. It prevents data brokers from tracking you across websites and helps to avoid malware – I am all for multi-functional tools.
🌎 AtlasVPN – tracker and ad blocker VPN in one ➡️

🧪 ProtonVPN 🧪

Among the best VPN with adblock services, there’s also Proton VPN. It answers the question of “how to block ads on chrome browser” with its NetShield feature. It fights ads and trackers on the whole device, not just Chrome.
🧪 ProtonVPN – security-oriented adblock VPN ➡️

🍃 Windscribe 🍃

Windscribe’s answer to “how to block ads on chrome” is R.O.B.E.R.T. Although they claim it runs on magic and unicorns, this adblocker is no joke and works pretty well – even leaves you the choice to enter a suspicious website at your own risk.
🍃 Windscribe – good VPN for blocking ads ➡️

Final thoughts ➡️

So, now you know how to block ads on chrome using a VPN. It won’t solve all of your problems but as for ads – it’s an effective tool. My personal choice is NordVPN, simply because I do a lot of streaming with it, but all of the providers I mentioned will effectively block ads, Chrome won’t even know what hit them.

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