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Fix Email Issues in CyberPanel with SMTP Relay Setup (Free Method) | Fix Email Issues in CyberPanel with SMTP Relay Setup (Free Method) – This will fix most common email delivery problems. You’ll learn to add an SMTP relay to your CyberPanel setup (or any other ubuntu postfix setup). We use Sendinblue to set this up, you can get started here ➡️

This is usually a great improvement compared to trying to host your own SMTP server which is becoming very difficult in 2022.

This setup will solve most issues where your VPS can’t send email, often because some hosts block port 25. Also, some setups that don’t provide reverse DNS will end up with lots of your email in spam.

All commands used are on the Ideaspot blog here:

Email tutorial playlist is here:


Alternatively, you can just avoid these issues: Good hosts that allow port 25 & provide reverse DNS (Vultr or Contabo for example)

Vultr ➡️ (Free Trial)
Contabo ➡️

Server setup tutorials:

Next video, I’ll set this up using HestiaCP (runs well on Oracle free tier with Ampere!)

For more WordPress tips and tutorials check out our blog:

0:00 Introduction
1:56 Prerequisites and alternative methods
3:07 Free SMTP options
3:30 Sendinblue setup
7:14 Ubuntu postfix smtp relay setup
10:44 Testing
11:32 Firewall ports needed – Tips for Oracle Users
12:28 Preview for next video

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