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Fastest VPN 2022 | Top 3 services with BEST VPN SPEED revealed!

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VPNs are often used for streaming, torrenting and sometimes even gaming, but it’s hard to achieve good results there without the best VPN speed. So if you are eager to see the top 3 fastest VPN 2022, you came to the right place.

💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:

First, let me quickly show you which factors often affect the speed of your online connection:

Physical location
Time of day/week
Location of VPN server
Internet quality
Older devices
Antivirus software
And many others

I’ve done a lot of tests, during different times of day, with different servers and with the most up-to-date software to make my VPN speed test results as accurate as possible.

(Winner revealed at 3:07)
0:00 Intro
0:24 What can affect the speed of a VPN?
0:40 How fast is AtlasVPN?
1:29 Surfshark: Runner up for the fastest VPN award?
2:28 Honorable mentions
3:07 NordVPN: The king of VPN speed?
4:00 Can these VPNs ensure great performance overall?

#3 AtlasVPN:

With my baseline speed of around 290 Mbps, I’ve had an average of 250 Mbps when using AtlasVPN in the US, Netherlands and Japan.
This is impressive, for US and European servers the difference between VPN speeds and baseline is almost unnoticeable, though upload speed is quite lower. And since Japan is far away, results are much lower there, and yet download speed drop off never goes beyond 25%. I find it quite impressive that AtlasVPN keeps ping very low, even in Japan, the ping of 112 is quite the achievement. If you are picking up a fast VPN for gaming, AtlasVPN just might be the service you are looking for.

#2 Surfshark:

But AtlasVPN has to move aside, the runner-up for the “fastest VPN 2022” award takes the spotlight. Surfshark is a well-known provider with a huge fleet of servers, and each of those supports at least a 1 GBPs server connection, with some going up to 10 GBPs. But it’s all pure fluff, until we see the speed results. The Surfshark speed test results had an average of 260-270 Mbps, when testing in the same locations as AtlasVPN. Compared to AtlasVPN, Surfshark clearly keeps the faster download speed, but upload speed is a bit lower in the US and the Netherlands, and significantly lower in Japan. Ping also goes a bit higher for distant locations like Japan. That said, ping only ever matters for gaming and upload speed mostly benefits file uploads or streaming, so if you are looking for a fast source of online protection or a reliable streaming VPN – Surfshark will fit you like a glove.

#1 NordVPN:

Here we go, it’s NordVPN speed review time! Armed with more than 5,200 servers, and equipped with a proprietary NordLynx protocol, NordVPN has aimed to be the best VPN for speed, and that’s how it performed. These are the NordVPN speed test results: 270-280 Mbps average, from US to Japan, and well, comparing to the Surfshark and AtlasVPN, it should be apparent why NordVPN comes on top. Both in download and upload speed it prevails, and only ping in the Japan server is a bit higher than needed for comfort. NordVPN provides performance that fits streaming, torrenting, general browsing and even gaming quite well, making it both the fastest VPN service and the most versatile one.

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