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ExpressVPN vs NordVPN vs Surfshark 🎯 Best VPN service in 2022 revealed!

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Having trouble deciding which Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use? We extensively tested two popular VPNs, NordVPN and Surfshark, to see how they compare.

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well, and today I’ll be comparing 3 of the best VPNs in today’s market, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark. These 3 providers have been consistently leading the VPN industry, but at the end of the day, I know most of you just want to figure out which one could be the best choice for your needs and situation, and that’s exactly what today’s video is meant for, it’s to help you make the final choice as to which of these VPNs will suit you best. We’ll be looking into things like the privacy policy, speed, streaming & torrenting capabilities, as well as security and features. Alright so starting with the privacy policy, which is arguably the most important aspect of a VPN. Most VPNs claim a no-logs policy, but actually that’s almost never the case. So you should never trust a provider’s word for it unless they have the evidence to back their claims up. For example, all 3 VPNs have been independently audited by companies like Cure53 & PricewaterHouseCoopers, and have shown their commitment to transparency and protecting user data by publishing the audit reports, all of which resulted in great standing, and potential issues were promptly dealt with following each audit. All 3 are also based in countries that are outside the 5, 9 and 14 eyes jurisdiction. Now it is worth noting that most VPNs, if not all, DO log information, though said info tends to be aggregated data, crash reports and usability diagnostics. So basically things that help the providers improve performance and detect bugs or glitches. However, with these 3 VPNs, this data never contains personally identifiable information that can be linked back to a specific user. All 3 VPNs accept crypto currencies as payment, they offer DNS and IP leak protection, and they all run their servers on RAM disks rather than hard disks, which means that there are simply no physical drives for information to be stored in, and any minimal information stored by the RAM is erased with every machine reboot. So which one is more secure? I would say it’s a pretty close call between Express & Nord But I do have to hand it to ExpressVPN, because their no-logs policy could not have been demonstrated any better than in the real life situation when in 2017, the Turkish government seized an ExpressVPN server as part of an investigation, but were not able to extract any information out of the servers thanks to Express having not stored any information on their servers in the first place. Surfshark takes 3rd place in this category since they collect more information than Express and Nord, and while they do claim that none of the info can be used to identify any specific users, it is a little concerning that they do collect info such as which pages visitors visit and the duration spent on said pages. Now in terms of performance, it’s natural for speeds to drop when using a VPN due to the time it takes to encrypt your traffic before it reaches the internet, but despite that, a good VPN will keep those speed drops to a minimum, and all of these VPNs performed very well in our tests, but to sum it up, Nord is certainly the fastest, though Express gave it a good run for its money, and regarding consistency, Express does manage to maintain high speeds even with international servers, though more often than not, I did notice that Nord was able to reach higher speeds. Otherwise thank you guys very much for watching, stay safe and I’ll see you next time!


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Hope you enjoyed my ExpressVPN vs NordVPN vs Surfshark – Best VPN service in 2022 revealed! Video.


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