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ExpressVPN review: The Best VPN in 2020?

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ExpressVPN review: Is it worth your money❓

As far as we know, ExpressVPN has never given up its place on the best VPNs list. Take your time and read the full ExpressVPN review by VPNpro here

Everyone praises its security, speed, geographic distribution, and many more features. But is ExpressVPN worth the price? Can you stream Netflix with it? Is it good enough for torrenting?
Most importantly, how secure ExpressVPN really is? And how does it compare to other VPNs on the market?
To answer all these questions, the VPNpro team have decided to test ExpressVPN. And yes – it’s one of the best VPNs in today’s market. We have no doubts about ExpressVPN’s speed, performance, unblocking capabilities, not to mention their 24/7 live support.

00:48 – Pros
1:13 – Cons
1:43 – Security features
2:39 – Speed
3:06 – ExpressVPN for Netflix
3:27 – Torrenting
3:45 – Pricing

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// Is it safe to use ExpressVPN? //

ExpressVPN is one of the most secure and private VPN services on the market. To protect user anonymity, VPNs must consider many different aspects. Few do this as well as ExpressVPN, which has a particularly rich set of cybersecurity features.

// Encryption and tunneling protocols of ExpressVPN //

With ExpressVPN, your data is protected by the strongest encryption on the market – AES-256. This is an unbreakable cipher, currently used by government institutions, banks, and the military.
In other words, your data is safe even if a hacker (or the NSA) intercepts your connection. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is simply too much to handle for brute force attacks.

// Does ExpressVPN have a reliable kill switch? //

The ExpressVPN kill switch is known as the Network Lock. If you’re doing something sensitive and your VPN connection drops, the kill switch will stop all traffic and protect your real IP address from leaking.

// The kill switch is a crucial security feature – any serious service should have it. //

You can use the Network Lock feature on all desktop apps and routers. To activate it, go to the General settings menu and tick the first box under the Network Lock section. You can also make it ignore LAN traffic or specific apps – some will find this very convenient. There’s also an unbranded kill switch for Android, in addition to its native Always-on VPN feature.

// IP and DNS leak protection //

VPN services are susceptible to various kinds of leaks – DNS, IPv6, WebRTC leaks, the list goes on. ExpressVPN has features addressing all these risks. The virtual private network has private, zero-knowledge, encrypted DNS servers, and leak protection measures built into the apps and extensive tests reveal no leaks of any kind.

// Is ExpressVPN owned by China? //

You can find rumors on the web about ExpressVPN’s ownership. Some claim that it’s owned by a Chinese company, while others go that far to say that it belongs to the Chinese government. To put it simply, none of these statements have any backing.

The company behind ExpressVPN is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). This puts it outside the scope of the Fourteen Eyes intelligence country group. It is not subject to EU data protection laws or the far-flung reach of US Intelligence. While the BVI is a British overseas territory, it enjoys a high level of autonomy and has no data retention laws.

Operating under the jurisdiction of the BVI allows ExpressVPN to maintain a strong user-privacy standard. For example, they don’t have to collect sensitive user data or honor subpoenas from the US (and other Western states).

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