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Does VPN reduce ping in games? | Top 4 BEST VPN for gaming

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The only gaming problem a high-end PC can’t solve is lag. High ping and connection problems are the bane of online gaming, but can you do something about it? In this video I will show you if a VPN can improve your gaming experience, followed by my personal best VPN for gaming recommendations.

You might be wondering “does VPN reduce ping in games” and yeah it does, especially in common cases such as bandwidth issues, throttling and excessive firewalls. Capable of either concealing your traffic, bypassing firewalls or reducing the server load, VPNs can improve your gaming performance, but you have to pay attention to certain features and VPN performance. When you’re connecting to a VPN server which is close to your game server location, your ping will go down. Many games nowadays will give you an approximate location of the server, so it’s easy to choose a server you need.

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3:55 IPVanish gaming experience
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VPN requirements:

So, we want a VPN to lower ping: ideally the ping should be below 50 and speed around the 90% of the baseline. This will most likely be impossible without a decent server list, the more servers there are, the less crowded they will be. Having a good Windows app is also indispensable for gaming, but a true gamer would play from any platform, so a good VPN needs an app for each. Finally, if DDoS attacks are your personal pain below your back, then good security is needed for your gaming with VPN.

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NordVPN provides one of the fastest connections currently available, in my tests NordVPN’s speed often didn’t go below the 95% of the baseline value. Most importantly, my VPN ping was great. I’ve had a ping of 27 going into Apex Legends. You should have no problem finding a VPN server close to you and the game server too: NordVPN has over 5,200 servers to connect to. And if you are a teamplayer, you can share your NordVPN account with up to 6 people – that’s how many simultaneous connections a single account allows.

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Next comes Surfshark. Does using a VPN lower ping when talking about this provider? Well, I’ve had a pleasant time using it for games, after all Surfshark turned out to be pretty fast, keeping up to 90-95% of my baseline speed on the closest servers. With over 3,200 servers, that really isn’t too hard, to be honest. But yeah, with ping less than forty staying stable through the whole test, I’ve had no issues hitting skillshots in League of Legends. Surfshark also has no device connection limit. Get a whole guild to join through a single account – yeah, that’s possible, I’ve tried.

🚀 IPVanish – we have a DEAL ➡️

IPVanish is a good VPN for ping reduction too, it can provide some really impressive gaming experience. As per usual, I’ve run tests through various locations, obviously not covering all 1,900 servers, but focusing on some of the most relevant ones for me. And the results were decent, there was a maximum of 25% speed drop for the distant locations, while speeds with nearby servers were way more than needed. But can a VPN lower ping, just because the speeds are good? IPvanish can – you might know how smooth the connection should be to keep up with the fast pacing of Halo Infinite.

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