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Divi Theme Tutorial (For Beginners) | Divi Theme Tutorial (For Beginners) – You’ll learn how to get fast, beautiful results with the Divi Theme for WordPress. You can get Divi with our developer discount here ➡️

Grab the CSS code we used in the tutorial on the blog here:

0:00 Divi Theme Introduction
1:19 Divi Developer Discount
1:53 Install Divi Theme
3:09 Adding Pages
3:30 Divi Layout Packs
4:40 Setting Default home page
5:16 Logo and Header Menu
7:16 Using the Divi Page Builder
21:27 Divi Email Signup Form
24:12 Divi Revision History Feature
25:32 Remove the default footer
26:25 Adding blog posts in Divi
27:01 Removing Divi sidebars and setting Divi full width
28:09 Divi template blog posts
29:18 Adding a blog page to Divi using the layout pack
35:48 Conclusions, recommendations and more WordPress tips


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