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Create a Free Website with Google Sites (With Custom Domain Name) | Create a Free Website with Google Sites (With Custom Domain Name) – Google sites is a super easy way for anyone to create a free website. You can even use a custom domain name to give your site a more professional touch!

After building your own site, you probably want a custom email to suit your site name too. You can do this for free with Zoho, follow our tutorial here:

If you’re interested in a more powerful and functional method of building sites, you should consider WordPress. My favourite host is currently Cloudways, I have a tutorial here:

You can get started with a free Cloudways trial here:

You’ll find my other hosting recommendations here:

Details for forwarding URL on various DNS hosts as mentioned:
Google Domains:

If you’re using cloudflare, you’ll need a page rule like this:
And DNS like this:
(Notice I have a filler IP address, and its set to proxied with the orange cloud setting).
SSL setting will work on either strict or full.

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Creating a website with google sites
3:05 google sites custom domain setup
08:22 menu design
09:07 Themes
09:40 Header design
11:00 Inserting content
13:56 Embedding custom html code
15:43 Adding and naming pages
17:11 Submenus
17:45 Footer
19:17 Conclusion & more tutorials

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