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Cheapest VPN 2022: 6 VPNs with best value for your money

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Once upon a time “cheap VPN” meant a confusing UI, poor performance and low standards. But today, a lot of cheap VPNs today are on the level of expensive ones… or are they? We’ve analyzed plenty of VPNs with high value for the price, ending up on 5 VPNs which are the best amongst the cheapest VPN 2022 opinions.

00:00 Intro
0:28 Surfshark
1:43 NordVPN
2:55 VyprVPN
3:45 AtlasVPN
4:36 PrivateVPN
5:36 IPVanish
6:30 Conclusion

🦈 Surfshark: best value for the price ➡️

Even amongst cheap VPNs, Surfshark is one with undoubtedly best value for money. It has no limits on simultaneous device connections, and can be upgraded to a full cybersecurity suite with Surfshark Antivirus and a couple of other security apps. Considering how difficult it is to access Netflix recently, I can’t help but notice that Surfshark is the best amongst cheap VPN for Netflix 2022, since it can easily unblock all Netflix libraries. All things considered, the value for money is staggering here. Surfshark has to be the best cheap VPN there is.

🏔️ NordVPN: best all-around VPN for the price ➡️

NordVPN might not be the cheapest best VPN in this list, but it has phenomenal value for the price. In my tests, NordVPN is currently amongst the fastest VPN, thanks to the NordLynx protocol. And after Netflix heavily restricted VPN access to its libraries, I found out that NordVPN is one of the only VPNs still able to bypass this geoblocking. That’s a cheap VPN Netflix users could definitely use. I also find it important that NordVPN is not only located in the privacy friendly Panama, but also has been independently audited multiple times and has RAM-only servers for enhanced security and privacy. Overall, it doesn’t ask a lot of money for all the providing value.

🐍 VyprVPN: cheap anti-restrictions VPN ➡️

Amongst the cheap VPNs 2022, VyprVPN will be especially valuable for residents of restrictive countries. It has a unique Chameleon protocol that helps to bypass deep packet inspection of countries like China, and also strict workplaces and universities. Besides, VyprVPN’s security is up to standards, with military-level encryption and a customizable kill switch. It’s super cool to me that VyprVPN also has no restrictions for the P2P file transfer, making it a reliable torrenting VPN. Plus, VyprVPN still unblocks Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+ reliably, it’s only Netflix which is hit or miss these days, at least my tests say so. Overall, VyprVPN is a good cheap VPN.

🔒 PrivateVPN: cheapest VPN for beginners ➡️

PrivateVPN is not the most impressive VPN at a first glance, but it can surprise the unprepared, that’s for sure! Take for example it’s performance: despite running the outdated OpenVPN protocol, PrivateVPN manages to keep a reliable and quite decent speed – pleasantly unexpected! With one account being enough for up to 6 devices at the same time, PrivateVPN also has enough security measures to be safe to use, essentials like encryption and a kill switch are all in place. There’s a 7-day trial and a money-back guarantee. It’s a sufficiently cheap monthly VPN.

📥 IPVanish: cheapest torrenting VPN ➡️

With IPVanish, just the unlimited device deal provides some good value already. But beyond just that, I find IPVanish to be a reliable VPN in terms of security and privacy. After all, it has a strong no-logs policy, reliable encryption and a kill switch. Extra features of this VPN make it a great torrenting option too: split tunneling and SOCKS5 proxy neatly complement the P2P file transfer. Since IPVanish actually uses WireGuard protocol, it also has good performance, only further reinforcing the torrenting potential. Too bad that it doesn’t have a free trial, however, I imagine that the money back guarantee could be a valid alternative for most users.

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