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BloxMove BLXM 1000x Potential To Revolutionize Transportation and Mobility

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Chapters for Skipping Around 👇
0:00 The Setup
0:10 BloxMove Overview
0:44 BLXM Vision
3:28 The Team
5:50 Tokenomics
9:11 Staking

BloxMove looks to revolutionize the mobility/transportation industry by helping with “Mobility as a Service.”

How would you feel not owning a car and being able to just click a button whenever you wanted to hitch a ride or jump on a scooter, bike, or train?

This could be all seamlessly integrated and at our fingertips with DiD’s and the right framework.

I will admit that this could be scary if not done correctly. For example right now, nobody can tell me I can’t drive my car because of a post made on Twitter.. however if this platform is built the WRONG way, then people governments might be able to say, “We didn’t like that Tweet, so you’re grounded…”

That, is a scary thought.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m more optimistic than not. Hope you like the video. Let’s crack a beer for the German’s sake. lol

Blockchain mobility
BLXM Staking
Block.move team

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