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Bitdefender VPN review | Best antivirus + best VPN bundle?!

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In today’s Bitdefender VPN review of 2022, I’m going to take a comprehensive look at Bitdefender VPN, and figure out if you can call Bitdefender VPN good or bad.
I will take a look at the version you get with Bitdefender antivirus, and the standalone premium version, to get to the bottom of which one is better?

Bitdefender security overview:
Bitdefender VPN is one of the rare instances when you get a VPN paired with your antivirus. But will that VPN be good enough for you?

🔒 Bitdefender has been in the industry for over two decades, and in this time, they’ve provided great levels of service as an antivirus software. When it comes to Bitdefender VPN 2022, it comes with antivirus and offers Military-grade encryption, Split tunneling, great customer support, and is incredibly easy to use. These are very good reasons for using Bitdefender 2022.
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➡️ Bitdefender antivirus vs Bitdefender VPN:
Now let’s take a closer look at the differences between the anti-virus version, and the standalone one with my Bitdefender VPN review 2022 and then I’ll voice my final opinion. Bitdefender VPN, here we go!

Bitdefender antivirus:
💯 All editions have built-in VPN
💯 Best in class malware detection
💯 Flexibly adapts to your hardware specifications
💯 Customer support available on all editions
💯 Lots of additional features

Bitdefender VPN:
💣 Military-Grade AES 256-bit Encryption
💣 Decent performance
💣 1,300+ servers across 48+ countries
💣 Split Tunneling
💣 Kill Switch

Should you consider the Bitdefender antivirus + VPN bundle?

🎯 If you’re someone that doesn’t already use an antivirus, getting the Bitdefender VPN antivirus bundle might be best for you. That way you’ll have access to both programs and keep your devices safe from all different kinds of cyberattacks. However, if you’re already using an antivirus but want to protect your activity online, getting the standalone Bitdefender premium VPN would be a much better option. So it totally depends on what your needs are!
00:00 Intro
0:24 Bitdefender overview
1:24 Is Bitdefender VPN safe?
1:41 Does Bitdefender VPN keep logs?
2:03 Bitdefender VPN speed test
2:34 How many servers does Bitdefender VPN have?
2:43 Bitdefender split tunneling
2:57 Bitdefender kill switch
3:11 Bitdefender customer support options
3:33 Is Bitdefender worth it?
5:11 Should you consider Bitdefender VPN as a standalone?

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