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Best Xbox VPN | How to set up a VPN on Xbox

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🔧 Learn to set up a VPN on a router ➡️

Server hopping, DDoS protection, getting geo-restricted content… There are many benefits to using an Xbox VPN. Buuut it’s not as easy as just downloading an app. So, I’m gonna walk you through the steps of setting up a gaming VPN and reveal my best Xbox VPN 2022 picks while we’re at it.

🔎 Router set-up 🔎

Be warned, the set-up part can be a bit of a hassle. That’s because every router is different, and not all of them support a VPN connection; just like not every VPN supports a router set-up. To get going, you need to sit down and do your research – who supports what, and what are the best VPN providers to use in this case… as I said, it’s a hassle. However, once you figure out the router set-up part (check out the link above for a tutorial), learning how to use a VPN on Xbox one is just a matter of connecting your Xbox to the said router.

🔦 Sharing a VPN connection from a Windows device 🔦

There are two ways to share your VPN connection from a Windows device – wirelessly; or using an Ethernet cable. The latter one is way less complicated. So that’s what I’ll do, I’ll show you how to use Surfshark VPN on Xbox by connecting your console through the ethernet cable. For tutorial purposes, I’ve set up Surfshark, it’s among my best VPN for gaming online picks, mostly for great speeds and the unlimited device connections deal. But no matter what your Xbox One VPN choice is, the general set-up is the same.

✏️ Why do you need an Xbox VPN? ✏️

The benefits start with server hopping. Whether you want to check out some exclusive game deals or just simply play on foreign servers, a VPN for Xbox is a great solution. Providers on the best VPN for gaming list usually have tons of servers to choose from – both Nord and Surfshark cover over 60 countries, if you need more, PureVPN has around 78.

🍏 PureVPN – VPN with a large server pool ➡️

But the most important thing for a VPN is data protection. If you cross the wrong player, you can find yourself a victim of a DDoS attack. These days, it costs less than a used car to organize one. I’m not kidding, these attacks are really getting out of hand in recent years. And since I’d rather avoid stuff like this, a VPN is a no-brainer for me. Once my connection is safely encrypted, I can rest assured.

🗻 NordVPN – most secure VPN for 2022 ➡️

That said, here are some things to look out for when searching for the best Xbox VPN. Make sure they offer at least the AES-256 bit encryption. I also always check if a VPN has an audited no-logs policy – since I don’t want my data to be collected or sold. All of the best VPN for gaming candidates I mentioned – Surfshark, IPVanish, PureVPN, and NordVPN check all of these boxes. Nord and Surfshark have RAM-only servers on top of all things, which are physically incapable of storing any data.

🦈 Surfshark – fast & secure VPN provider ➡️

Final thoughts ➡️

Pick a reliable provider, don’t forget to check their speeds and always look at the price-to-value ratio. Most providers these days have very affordable offerings, so make sure you don’t pay too much.

00:00 Intro
0:23 How to setup a VPN on Xbox one?
0:36 Setting up a router VPN
1:13 How to use a VPN on Xbox one?
1:22 Router set-up drawbacks
1:48 Sharing a VPN connection from Windows
2:28 How to use Surfshark VPN on Xbox
2:52 Setting up the best console VPN
3:31 Configuring Windows settings
4:26 Configuring VPN settings
5:03 Connecting VPN to Xbox One
5:30 XboxVPN for server hopping
5:53 XboxVPN to avoid DDoS attacks
6:18 Best VPN for Xbox One 2022
6:51 Conclusion

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