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Best VPN Service – 5 Myths About Free VPN Services

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Hello peeps! Enjoy watching our video! Today we have prepared a review for one of the best web VPN services for you. Don’t forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel!
Although there isn’t a gold standard for VPN clients these days, ExpressVPN certainly comes close. There are so many VPNs out there that ExpressVPN can get lost in a crowded field and might not be as instantly recognizable as other software powerhouses like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word—which is a bit unfortunate, actually, because it really should be considered in the same category. ExpressVPN stands tall with powerful features, a clean and elegant interface, and excellent reliability. It’s easily one of the most powerful VPN clients around.
In our ExpressVPN review, we tested for all of the most important factors. We browsed the internet, testing the VPN connection and monitoring our IP address for compromise. We ran a speed test with the VPN app enabled and without. We tested a server location in several other countries. We grabbed a large movie file and tested the download speed. We even tried simultaneous connections on multiple devices including the Android app and the iOS app. We tested the BBC iPlayer for performance, tested for a DNS leak, and monitored our internet connection to see if the encryption caused slowdowns.

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