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Best VPN for Windows 11 | TOP 3 VPN picks for you in 2022

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Windows 11 is not perfect in terms of privacy. Heck, Microsoft itself doesn’t shy away from collecting your data for their own purposes. Why not prevent that with a VPN for Windows 11? In this video I’ll show you the best VPN for Windows 11 and explain to you why they are worth considering.

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0:18 Qualities of best VPNs
1:20 NordVPN option
3:19 Surfshark review
5:15 IPVanish results
6:52 Conclusion

NordVPN is a good place to start. I consider this service a paragon of VPN security: it has future-proof ChaCha20 encryption and a very effective kill switch. NordVPN’s security features on Windows are quite abundant: there are specialized servers for increased protection, Dark Web Monitor on lookout for leaks and, my favourite – CyberSec. This neat little feature is a top-tier ad blocker that can also detect and block malicious links. I find NordVPN a perfect option to boost Windows 11 privacy too. This VPN service is based in Panama jurisdiction, away from international intelligence alliances and outside of any data retention laws. But even if there were any – NordVPN has nothing to give, because of their top-tier no-logs policy. And since they’ve changed to RAM-only servers, nobody can even steal data with a physical breach.

NordVPN for Windows 11:
🚀 With NordVPN you’re looking at 6 connections per account
🚀 CyberSec to block ads & trackers
🚀 RAM-only servers
🚀 NordLynx on all apps
🚀 Kill switch
🚀 Plenty of extra features
🚀 A wide offering of streaming capabilities

🧨 NordVPN – the great all-rounder with no limitations ➡️

Surfshark is a reliable VPN for Windows 11 with respectable security standards. It uses pretty much the same baseline as NordVPN – high-grade encryption and a kill switch, but special features vary. Surfshark’s obfuscated NoBorders Mode is perhaps the main reason for folks in restrictive countries or environments to even get a VPN. Though I would personally highlight CleanWeb – Surfshark’s alternative to CyberSec, also capable of dealing with ads and malicious links. But my personal favorite is Surfshark One – a suite of cybersecurity apps, from a secure search engine to a one-of-a-kind antivirus. So far, Surfshark is the only provider that lets you get all cybersecurity apps you need in one package on Windows 11. Surfshark can be used on unlimited devices, which is already a great deal, but with the pricing it offers, Surfshark becomes an even better option, probably close to the best VPN for Windows 11.

Surfshark for Windows 11:
⭐ Unlimited simultaneous connections
⭐ GPS spoofing
⭐ CleanWeb to block ads & malware
⭐ Split-tunneling
⭐ Kill switch
⭐ NoBorders mode
⭐ Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube
⭐ 7-day trial

💎 Surfshark – the best price-to-value VPN ➡️

Though IPVanish is a rather niche VPN for PC, Windows 11 users will be pleasantly surprised by its dedication to security… I’ve used it on Windows 11 since this OS came out and IPVanish’s security works nicely here, integrating all the necessary security standards: the ChaCha20 encryption and a kill switch. Admittedly, though I didn’t find IPVanish that impressive in terms of extra features, I can’t deny that what they do offer is reliable enough. You won’t find the unique Nord or Shark features, but I was happy to see there’s still split tunneling and traffic obfuscation on Windows 11. After all, despite the watertight no-logs policy, this VPN is based in the US, which is far from being the most privacy-friendly country. However, IPVanish diligently refuses sharing user data and did nothing to make us doubt them, so I’m not making a big deal out of its jurisdiction.

IPVanish for Windows 11:

🔥UNLIMITED simultaneous connections
🔥Bypass Netflix US and Youtube geo-blocks
🔥Great security and privacy
🔥Outstanding for torrenting
🔥Very cheap

💎 IPVanish – the best VPN for torrenting on PC ➡️

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