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Best VPN for UK | Top 4 options to consider in 2022

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Besides an unhealthy obsession with tea, the UK is also obsessed with storing data. To avoid wannabe Bonds spying on your online activity, UK VPN is the tool to use. Grab onto something, we’re moving out to get the best VPN UK. One that can not only protect you, but also deliver some nice upsides as well.

💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:

=== NordVPN: ===

First example of such VPN is NordVPN:

This one deserves the best VPN UK title, just for being physically unable to keep user data. All thanks to RAM-only servers. Big security boon. Of course, NordVPN also has encryption and a kill switch to keep you safe. It’s also based in the privacy-friendly region, so your data should stay safe.

Nevertheless, NordVPN has some great VPN UK prices too. It is definitely not the lowest, but NordVPN gets pretty affordable long-term. An Android 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee definitely help to make NordVPN more accessible.

=== Surfshark: ===

Not as accessible as Surfshark though.
This one is NordVPN’s main competitor for the best VPN UK title. Equipped with the same RAM-only servers, encryption and kill switch, Surfshark is quite secure to use. Based in the Netherlands it might not be as privacy-friendly as NordVPN, but no-logs policy compensates for it.

Yet, when it comes to performance, I’ve seen Surfshark perform as good as any best VPN for UK and slightly worse than NordVPN at times too. But it’s possible to use Surfshark as a VPN for UK Netflix when you are abroad.

=== PrivateVPN: ===

PrivateVPN is a smaller VPN for UK. It has a limited number of servers, but it covers a lot of countries outside the UK, which is ideal for this case.

My performance with PrivateVPN was decent, can’t say it’s the most consistent performance, but PrivateVPN works quite well, considering how small it is. Still, I wouldn’t call it the best VPN for United Kingdom speed-wise.

Being smaller comes as a bonus though, as PrivateVPN is not only easier to figure out but also cheaper. Of all the best VPN for the UK I tried, it has one of the cheapest long-term deals. Plus a free trial on all platforms and a money-back guarantee. I’m telling you, it’s very easy to pick up this one.

=== AtlasVPN: ===

Maybe not as easy as AtlasVPN though, it has a free version after all, making it the only free VPN for UK in this video. Unfortunately, I’m looking at the premium variant today, otherwise no streaming access. You won’t be able to get a British IP address with a free version either, UK servers are premium restricted.

Performance-wise, I’ve had good experience with AtlasVPN UK connection. WireGuard works as expected of the best VPN for UK. Needless to say, I wouldn’t have included AtlasVPN if it can’t access streaming content. But it can, and in my tests, the connection was stable and fast, enough to enjoy streaming without lags or buffering.

0:00 Intro
0:30 What to look for in a VPN?
0:51 Best VPN UK – NordVPN?
1:57 Surfshark – best choice for UK VPN?
3:18 Best affordable VPN for UK – PrivateVPN
4:28 Best free VPN for UK?
5:39 Conclusion

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