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Best VPN for traveling | Do you really need a VPN for travel?

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There are two major reasons why you would need a VPN for travelling. To stay securely connected with the important platforms from abroad. And to save money when booking your vacation. I can show you how to book cheap flights using VPN while staying safe, and give you my top 4 list of the best VPN for travel.

💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:

Before I get into the tutorial, a few words on why you need a VPN for traveling.

Since VPN changes your IP address and redirects browsing activity through a remote server, you can be using VPN for cheap flights. Trust me, buying plane tickets with VPN can save you a lot of money, and you also access your local essential services when abroad. Should you always use a VPN abroad? When it comes to unfamiliar Wi-Fi hotspots, I would argue you shall.

=== VPN for Travel tutorial ===

I will be using NordVPN for this tutorial on VPN travel, and you can get this VPN as well, with a good discount to boot! Click on that box if you are interested. The first step here is to download a VPN. If you are using Mac, or Mobile devices, just use your app store to fetch a version of NordVPN. Windows users will have to use their website for download. Once you have the app, use it to connect to a country you are heading to, for example let’s use the UK.

Now, you have to clear your browser’s cookies and go incognito, so that your usual airline websites won’t remember where you actually are. Once that’s settled, time for VPN travel hacks. I often use price aggregators like skyscanner,, kayak or expedia.

Now you can check the prices and mark the best deals for yourself. That said, try to change the VPN server afterwards and repeat the previous points. Depending on the country you use, prices may change considerably, for better or the worse. In my experience, I had the best VPN flight booking when connecting to Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland or Portugal. These options may not yield the cheapest prices for you, but it’s worth at least trying them out.

Okay, at this point you should be ready to use VPN for travel abroad.

=== NordVPN ===

As I mentioned before, NordVPN is a great VPN for travel. It has mobile apps, which will be important when traveling, in fact I think it’s the best VPN for iPhone and Android when you are traveling abroad. It also doesn’t keep any user logs, and its RAM-only servers are even incapable of doing so. If you have to keep up with your country shows or business when abroad, NordVPN also helps, I have tested it against geo-blocks of various streaming platforms and websites.

=== Surfshark ===

But I won’t claim that NordVPN is the only option. Surfshark is pretty good as well, especially if you are traveling with a whole family, or a group of friends. After all, a single Surfshark account can be used on any number of devices, which is quite rare in the VPN world. Similarly to NordVPN, Surfshark is a good VPN to keep you and your device secure when travelling abroad, it keeps no logs and effectively encrypts user data. In my experience, Surfshark is also a quite fast service, I’ve tested it against UK, US and Netherlands servers, getting some decent speed every time. I would say Surfshark is a good option for watching streaming content when abroad.

=== PrivateVPN ===

But to be fair, so does PrivateVPN. Compared to the previous VPNs, PrivateVPN is a smaller, more modest provider. It doesn’t have as many servers or cutting-edge tunneling protocols, so its speeds are… decent at best. However, PrivateVPN can provide a good level of security nevertheless. I can tell you that with this VPN, I’ve not encountered any IP leaks or security issues. It is also decent for streaming, though lower speeds can be an issue if your baseline is low. For me, I managed to stream Netflix effortlessly during my last trip to Europe.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Why you need a VPN for traveling?
0:48 How to use a VPN for travel?
2:11 NordVPN for travel – is it good enough?
3:22 Should you use Surfshark VPN for travel?
4:08 PrivateVPN – Cheap VPN for travelling
4:51 IPVanish – decent travel VPN
5:21 Conclusion

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