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Best VPN for PC | Learn how to protect your desktop device

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With so many VPN providers constantly rolling out new features, picking the best VPN for pc is quite the challenge. Why don’t we solve it? I have clear results – a list of my favorite VPN for pc options.

Even the best VPN service can have vastly different capabilities on different devices – an excellent VPN for Android might not be a great choice for Windows VPN. That said, these are my six key requirements for the best VPN candidates: a no-logs policy, reliable encryption, good speed, good streaming/torrenting capabilities, device limitations shouldn’t be suffocating and of course, affordable pricing.

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⛰️ NordVPN ⛰️

Out of all VPN for pc providers, the NordVPN desktop app has the most intuitive Windows application. For example, it has an actual map to pick a server location. NordVPN also gets a strong pass for their audited no-logs policy, RAM-based servers, and privacy-friendly Panama jurisdiction. Plus, NordVPN has a multitude of servers across more than 65 countries – it’s great for streaming and torrenting.

⛰️ NordVPN – best VPN for PC ➡️

🦈 Surfshark 🦈

Next up – Surfshark desktop app, the epitome of price to value ratio. Although they moved their jurisdiction to the Netherlands, things like an audited no-logs policy and RAM-only servers leave me assured of my data’s safety. Encryption doesn’t disappoint either, I generally use ChaCha20 with Wireguard – because it’s secure AND speedy. With over 3,200+ servers in over 65+ countries, no wonder streaming was a breeze.

🦈 Surfshark – unlimited simultaneous connections ➡️

🌎 AtlasVPN 🌎

Another feature-rich option is Atlas VPN desktop app. It has a slick and intuitive design and a clear focus on security – with implemented 2fa and stuff like SafeSwap for IP address rotation. AtlasVPN is based in the not-so-privacy-friendly US. It does have a no-logs policy, although it’s not audited. But they don’t lag behind in security, offering ChaCha20 encryption. Speeds are great too, with Wireguard tunneling protocol at least – both of my download and upload speeds stayed pretty stable.
🌎 AtlasVPN – security-focused VPN for PC ➡️

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