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Best VPN for Gaming: Top 3 Great Picks (2022)

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Get Up to 82% Discount Today with PureVPN | Best VPN for Gaming: Top 3 Great Picks (2022) – In this video, we have covered the three best VPN services for gaming.
🔥 Update: Surfshark is our new #1 pick for the best VPN service. NordVPN now ranks second on our list, while ExpressVPN takes the third position.

Here are our updated rankings (official links):

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👉 #2 Get NordVPN (68% off):
👉 #3 ExpressVPN (49% off):


Online gaming has grown exponentially from just a leisure activity to a money-making venture. This growth has attracted the attention of cybercriminals.

The 2020 quarterly cybersecurity review from Nexusguard found that DDoS attacks have jumped by 77% for the online gaming industry. This was primarily due to latency issues.

Other online threats, such as doxing and swatting, also continue to plague the gaming industry. To protect yourself against these online threats, you need the best premium VPN available for gaming.

The three VPN services we have mentioned above are among the best in terms of Features, Speed and Performance, Security and Privacy, Pricing, and Compatibility.

The reason why we stress on a premium VPN service is that the online marketplace is filled with many fake VPNs with deceptive advertising tricks. Therefore, it would be ill-advised to rely on a random VPN app you downloaded from the Internet.

If you want a VPN that can effectively protect you while gaming, we advise you to choose a premium service, especially one of the three we have reviewed in this video.

A top paid VPN service like ExpressVPN, NordVPN or Surfshark not only protects your privacy and data, but also lets you bypass censorship, geo-restrictions, and gives you complete peace of mind.

We have spent countless hours examining all the best VPN service providers. We have done so to save you the hassle of doing research on your own while choosing the right VPN.

You can buy your favorite VPN using the official links we have provided above.

We have negotiated special discounts with almost all the top VPN providers so you save a lot of money if you buy through these official links.

Which VPN do you use or plan to use for your gaming needs? Let us know what you think.

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