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Best VPN For Gamers — Fast Examples That Won't Ruin Your KDR

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When it comes to gaming with a VPN, the main concern is speed. In this review, I picked out the absolute best VPNs for gaming which includes #CyberGhost, #IPVanish, #FastestVPN and #PrivateInternetAccess.

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Time Stamps

0:53 Why do you want a VPN?
1:40 Test Methodology
3:49 Baseline Performance on Wi-Fi and Ethernet
4:29 Test Results
8:47 Recap and Winners in 4 Categories

I’m looking at download speed, upload speed, and the ever-important latency. I’m also looking for VPNs with strict data-logging policies, torrenting and Netflix access, kill switches, and split tunneling, among other factors. I’ll also be looking at each VPN’s customer support, subscription options, and app. By the end of this review, you’ll have a great idea of which VPN is perfect for your gaming experience, whether you’re on a Mac, Windows computer, iPhone, Android, or what have you. With so many VPNs out there, there’s truly something for everybody, but this review focuses on #CyberGhost, #IPVanish, #FastestVPN and #PrivateInternetAccess.

Gabe Turner is Security Baron’s Director of Content.

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