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Best VPN for Android 2022 | Protect your mobile phone

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There are lots of VPNs on Android, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s really hard to find the best VPN for Android amongst a myriad of wannabes. In this video, I’m here not to just show you some VPN for Android 2022 options, but also explain what they can do and if they are right for you.

00:00 Intro
0:20 NordVPN – most powerful and versatile option
2:36 Surfshark performance
4:20 AtlasVPN results
6:04 Conclusion

🏔️ NordVPN: best all-around VPN for Android ➡️
Amongst Android VPNs, NordVPN stands out as a powerful and versatile option. It has high security standards: unbreakable encryption, an IP leaks-avoiding kill switch and a bunch of extra features: If you need only a specific app to use a VPN connection, Split tunneling is a feature that helps with it.

In terms of performance, NordVPN showed good performance in my speed tests, even when connecting to a very distant server.

All those benefits are quite universal, but NordVPN has features reserved only for Android devices too. I think that “Pausing and auto-connect” are very useful for mobile users. I’m using it to disconnect from the VPN server for a set time, and it reconnects automatically once the timer runs out.

All benefits considered, NordVPN doesn’t even cost that much – its price-to-value ratio is honestly pretty good. You can even try this best android VPN free of charge for 7 days, or take advantage of a month-long money back guarantee.

🦈 Surfshark: best value for the price Android VPN ➡️
Time to check another contender for the best 2022 VPN. Android users will appreciate this one, meet Surfshark.

It has the only Android VPN app I’ve seen with a GPS spoofer built-in. Personally, I don’t use many apps that require GPS spoofing like Tinder, but if you do – you’ll get a lot of usage from this feature.

Surfshark has the same basic security features as NordVPN: encryption, a kill switch… Even some extra features are similar: Surfshark’s Bypasser is essentially split tunneling and CleanWeb does the same job as CyberSec: getting rid of malware and ads online.

Surfshark’s speed and servers are nice, but I also like the ability to bypass geoblocks. Why use VPN on Android, if not for some late-night streaming? This VPN is just as reliable as NordVPN in accessing Netflix content, and in general, I don’t know of any streaming platforms capable of stopping this one.

🌏 AtlasVPN: the native Android VPN on the rise ➡️
AtlasVPN might be the best VPN service for Android, seeing how it started on this platform initially! That’s why it’s optimized for mobile usage and feels good to use and navigate, I have to say. Equipped with WireGuard, it has the same encryption as Surfshark, and a functional kill switch, but a bit less extra features.

On the surface, AtlasVPN doesn’t have that many servers and it seems like it wouldn’t be that fast. However, AtlasVPN runs WireGuard, a fast modern protocol and during my tests, I’ve actually had no issues with speed. While AtlasVPN isn’t on the same level as the other best VPN for Android 2022 options I’ve mentioned.

AtlasVPN is a smaller service than NordVPN and Surfshark, but that also allows it to have a luxury most top VPNs don’t have a – free version. That’s right, if you only care about baseline security and performance – AtlasVPN is the free VPN for Android you need, albeit it’s fairly limited due to a 10 GB per month data cap.


In conclusion, I think each of these VPNs can be the best VPN for Android on their own merit. NordVPN is unmatched in privacy, security and versatility, Surfshark is a streaming prodigy and great value and AtlasVPN is one of the only free options and native to the Android devices.

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