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Best VPN browser extensions in 2022 | CHECK THIS OUT!

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VPN is very important for secure browsing, but getting a separate app is not always convenient. A small, simple VPN browser extension can be an option to use instead. The only issue is making a choice, but if you are new to the channel, let me tell you – I’ve got some of the best VPN extension info about to drop.

💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:

However, disclaimer first. VPN browser extension is not actually VPN. Extensions lack the critical part – encryption, making them actually just proxies. And that’s much less secure than running a proper VPN. So if you need maximum security – consider a proper VPN, browser extensions are not reliable enough. With that out of the way, let’s get to checking the candidates for the best VPN extension that have all these requirements completely satisfied. Take a second to read that, I’m not hurrying you guys up, that’s important.

=== Surfshark: ===

How else are you going to figure out that Surfshark VPN extension for Chrome is one of the best right now. It’s not only for Chrome though, any Chromium-based browser will do. A decent Mozilla Firefox VPN extension too, since we’ve started to talk about it.

It’s secure enough, otherwise it wouldn’t have been praised by Cure53, an independent audition company. Surfshark also has a trustworthy no-logs policy, which adds to the overall privacy of the service. I also personally like that Surfshark team went ahead and included the CleanWeb feature from the app. It’s a built-in ad and malicious links remover.

Surfshark is fast, I’ve tested multiple servers and didn’t have my performance suffering due to distance that much. It also has a good amount of servers to choose from.

=== NordVPN: ===

Another option I want you to consider is NordVPN VPN extension. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox – it can scale them all. NordVPN extension is solid on the security level. There’s an audited no-logs policy and features inherited from the app. Such as DoubleVPN, for additional security. The performance won’t depend on the browser though, I’ve had a blast with this VPN, Chrome or not. I’ve tried many servers and my connection was great. No wonder, NordVPN does have lots of servers to work with.

As you can imagine, this is quite nice for streaming, even on paper. But practice shows that reality is not that different from the theory here, I’ve managed to access Netflix libraries and not only them using the Firefox VPN extension, and not just it. Since there’s no bandwidth limit, it does feel pretty nice to not care about how much you browse.

=== Free options: ===


In my experience, Zenmate has to be one of the few decent free options for your browser. With this VPN extension, Chrome, Opera and Firefox are covered. However, you can get only four server locations for free, and that’s not enough most of the time. While Zenmate doesn’t have a bandwidth limit, the speed you are getting is hard capped at 2Mbps. No way to avoid that without paying.


Windscribe is another free VPN with a browser extension and it’s quite good. With this VPN, Firefox and Chrome experience is decent, it has all the premium features for free, a good no-logs policy and a built-in ad-blocker. Unfortunately, all that coexists with only 11 server locations and a 10 GB bandwidth limit.

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1:00 How good is Surfshark VPN extension for Chrome?
2:20 Should you get NordVPN as a VPN extension in 2022?
3:42 Is ZenMate VPN a reliable option for browsing?
4:17 Windscribe VPN – how good is it as a broswer extension?
4:48 What are the main differences between paid and free VPN browser extensions?

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