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Best VPN and Password Manager | Best combo for YOU! [TESTED]

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The Best VPN and Password manager providers are a good guarantee of security by themselves. Yet, no cyber-security tool is a one-time fix, and you will see why when I discuss the first combo of the best VPN and password manager 2022 options.

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3:01 NordVPN streaming and features
3:39 NordPass features
4:21 Is NordVPN and NordPass worth it?
5:18 Dashlane password manager + VPN
5:31 Dashlane security
6:27 Dashlane VPN
7:15 Is Dashlane worth it?
7:40 Conclusion

🧨 NordVPN NordPass – the great combo from a single provider ➡️

That would be NordVPN vs NordPass. Or rather, them both together.

What makes these two so effective when paired up is their inherent compatibility, especially since you can use a single account for both. Plus, NordPass has a stable free version.
Talking about NordVPN, I have to admit that it is one of the best VPN 2022 in terms of security, as evident from many independent tests it passed so far.

To begin with, RAM-only servers are the star of any NordVPN review, and for a good reason. Personally, I appreciate the hassle of switching to these servers just to keep user data from being logged. Secondly, it employs state-of-the-art tunneling protocol with the most reliable encryption available today, and this is not an overstatement, the ChaCha20 algorithm employed by NordVPN is currently the best industry can offer.

NordPass helps, by providing a simple and secure way of generating complex, truly illogical passwords, that are much harder to crack than your first pick. In my experience, NordPass can be made very hard to crack, with all the additional authentication measures it allows to configure. Biometric, two-factor and even a support for security keys.

===== Notable features: ====

I managed to access quite a bit of streaming content, my NordVPN Netflix experience was almost seamless and geo-blocks are really not a problem if you are craving some quality streaming time. NordVPN has a lot of specialized servers, aimed not only to increase your security online, but also help you bypass governmental restrictions. If you dive into any NordPass 2022 review, you will see that it also has a fair share of Quality of Life features.

A single Nord Account can guarantee you will be able to use your NordVPN and NordPass on up to 6 devices at the same time too, which should be enough for a family or a group of friends.

💎 Dashlane – a great password manager with a built-in VPN ➡️

Dashlane password manager 2022 is one of the rare examples with a built-in VPN, which saves you the hassle of purchasing two services instead of one.

Dashlane is a champ, armed with a golden standard of encryption – AES-256 algorithm and multiple options for two-factor authentication.

On the other hand, auto-filling is essentially the same, both Dashlane and NordPass effectively fill all detected forms. When asking what is the best password manager between these two, I honestly struggle to answer, they are both reliable enough to give them a go.

==== Dashlane VPN ====

This VPN is based off Hotspot Shield, a pretty well-known and quite reliable VPN service. However, the fact that Dashlane is not primarily a VPN provider, this Virtual Private Network has some limitations.

For instance, you can’t choose tunneling protocols and Dashlane VPN lacks a kill switch, making the prospects of leaking your data on an unstable network quite real. That said, for an integrated VPN, Dashlane boasts a good level of security.
While Dashlane VPN is definitely not the best VPN 2022, I can’t really call it incompetent.


To summarize, VPNs and Password Managers work well in conjunction with each other, providing total internet security, from the moment your data leaves your device to the moment you access your account online.

It’s important to have both one of the best VPN services and one of the best password manager 2022. While it’s easier to get a service like Dashlane to save time and energy, two separate apps like NordVPN and NordPass will provide a more reliable service overall.

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