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Best VPN according to Reddit | Reddit VPN 2022

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Reddit doesn’t sugar coat it – and Reddit VPN reviews are no exception. If you want to find the best VPN, they’ve got you covered with brutal honesty, often spiced up with cheeky jokes. I wanted to see which provider they crown as the best VPN 2022, and… I found it!

What makes redditors trustworthy enough to decide what is the best vpn? Well, trust comes from the fact that they’re regular users – not marketers, not internet ninjas – just people who actually need and use the product.

00:00 Intro
0:24 Picking Best Reddit VPN 2022
1:00 Best VPN for Mac According to Reddit [NordVPN]
2:05 Reddit’s Favorite Cheap and Fast VPN option [Surfshark]
3:11 Reddit’s Choice for Torrenting and Streaming VPN [PrivateVPN]
3:45 Best Reddit VPN for Torrenting [TorGuard]
4:22 Best free VPN option According to Reddit [Windscribe]
5:01 Reddit’s Best Open-Source VPN [Mullvad VPN]
5:35 Conclusion

🗻 NordVPN – best VPN according to Reddit users 🗻

First up on the countdown of best reddit VPN services – NordVPN. Redditors praise NordVPN for good speeds, and from my testing, I don’t disagree. Being based in Panama also turned the tables in Nord’s favor, as many redditors like the fact that it’s outside the 5-eyes jurisdiction. It’s also often mentioned as the best VPN for Mac and in general, the best VPN for iOSdevices.

🦈 Surfshark – cheap and fast VPN 🦈

Cheap and fast – that’s why it’s among the best VPN picks. In addition to a big pool of servers and great speeds, Surfshark is also great for geo-blocked streaming services – Netflix, Hulu Disney, HBO Max. It stays among the favorites of Reddit and is often recommended as a great smartphone VPN, checking the boxes of both best VPN for android and best vpn for iPhone.
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🔑 PrivateVPN – fast and reliable VPN 🔑

One provider I didn’t expect to find among the recommendations was PrivateVPN. It doesn’t really stand out among the VPN giants, but it’s definitely an underrated gem. Redditors love the fact that it’s reliable, cheap, and works great for streaming geo-blocked content. It also supports port-forwarding, be it a bit of an unconventional method, but it has successfully kept redditors satisfied.
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➡️ Final thoughts:
Okay, so to sum this up – NordVPN takes first place on Reddit, best VPN close second place is Surfshark and, we can’t forget the other favorites of Reddit – PrivateVPN, Torguard, Mullvad, and Windscribe. Reddit VPN list is extensive, but you can count on the reviews to find the option that fits your needs best.

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