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Best VPN 2022 🎯 (do NOT buy a VPN before watching this!)

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👉 In this video I talk about the best 3 VPNs of 2022 in terms of privacy, speed, streaming & torrenting capabilities, and of course security and features.

How’s it going, everybody? Welcome back. And today, I want to talk about the top three VPNs. In my opinion, these are the best read VPNs in the industry today. Okay, so I’ll be talking a little bit about their, for the most part about their privacy policy and features. But if you’re interested in a full review for these VPNs, you’ll find these reviews in the description down below, where I talk about the privacy policy, speed streaming and torrenting capabilities, as well as security and features. So be sure to check these reviews out if you guys are interested. Besides that, you also find links to special deals and discounts. If you’d like to save up a little bit on your subscription, whichever VPN you go for, I managed to get discounts for all of them. Alright. So, you know, for me personally, one of the most important, let’s say selling points of a VPN is the privacy policy. And whether or not it is an audited no logs or privacy policy. So yeah, yeah, a lot of VPS that claim a no logs policy, or don’t exactly have the evidence to show for it. In this case. Let’s start with ExpressVPN. So again, I’ll talk about the privacy policy, and then we’ll get to the features. So with regards to privacy policies, all of these VPNs are audited. And I have all of the reports ready here. So again, you’ve got here ExpressVPN publishes outside security audit and open sources browser extension. Of course, there is a full audit here with PricewaterhouseCoopers, as audits Express VPN service to confirm essential privacy protections, I and by the way, all of these audits are available in public, so you can check them out for yourselves. Obviously, you know, they’re quite the long audits here, but they all have very good conclusions overall. And all these VPNs do regular audits, so they’re always making sure they’re on top of their privacy game. Okay. And I think, for me, personally ExpressVPN. Besides the report, what puts ExpressVPN let’s say on a privacy pedestal, is the fact that in 2017, when the Turkish government seized a VP and express VPN server as part of an investigation, they were still not able to extract anything out of the VPN, thanks to the servers of ExpressVPN, not logging anything, of course, thanks to their trusted server technology, they won’t be logging anything in the first place. And by the way, all of these VPNs also have similar technology. It’s pretty much based on RAM disk servers, and what a RAM disk server does, essentially. And of course, Nord answer, sharks still have that it’s just not called trust to serve technology, it’s called something else. And what happens is that all data is going to be wiped with every reboot with a RAM disk server. As VPN servers run on RAM only, the servers never write to the hard drive further minimizing data risk, the entire software stack is reinstalled on every server at startup. And that’s pretty much how a RAM disk server RAM based servers are much safer than hard drive servers. Okay, so obviously, the article is on the ExpressVPN website, if you guys are interested in reading it for yourselves And if you’re looking for more information, again, you’ll find all the in depth information, I get into all that in the description.
Thank you guys very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.


I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any VPN provider. This means I might make money when you purchase paid services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. Not being sponsored allows me to keep my own opinions and provide reviews and tutorials without bias. So, if you enjoyed the content consider using my affiliate links. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

Hope you enjoyed my Best VPN 2022 – (do NOT buy a VPN before watching this!) Video.


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