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Best Travel Gear Under $100 | Summer 2022

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In today’s video I’m sharing my favorite travel gear and accessories under $100 for Summer 2022.

Items Mentioned:
*Kickstand Charger:
Xbox Series X Controller Phone Mount:
Xbox Series X Controller Case:
PS5 Controller Case:
Merino Travel Socks:
Power Bank:
Water Bottle:
Utility Soap Bar:
Backpack Travel Cooler:
*Use code “ESRHALOLOCK” for 10% off

0:00 Intro
0:17 Travel Belt
1:41 Magsafe Kickstand Charger
2:53 (SPONSOR) Surfshark
4:25 Game Controller Phone Mount
5:43 Game Controller Case
6:53 Travel Socks
8:14 Power Bank
9:35 Collapsable Water Bottle
10:57 Travel Soap
12:10 Backpack Cooler
13:22 Final Thoughts

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