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Best FREE VPNs: TOP 3 Completely Free VPN Providers of 2022 ✔️

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Free VPNs have a shocking reputation… but if you know what to pick, you can actually end up with a decent VPN and still pay nothing.

Hey guys, today I’m going to share which free VPN is best, and which ones you should avoid at all costs.

This is crucial, guys, so make sure you watch until the end to stay safe when you’re installing a free VPN.

You can check out our list of the top VPNs with free trials, if you’re not ready to pay for a VPN or want to test it out before laying down the cash.

The links will all be in the description and pinned comment below this video.

Top VPNs can be pricey, and you’re not always sure if they’re really worth your hard-earned cash.

But free VPNs have a pretty bad reputation.

So, are free VPNs good? Are free VPNs safe to use, and which free VPN is the best?

Firstly, let me tell you right now that if you’re not willing to spend money on a VPN, you don’t have to kiss your VPN dreams goodbye.

You just have to be very careful.

A recent study showed that 38% of VPNs contain malware.

And this is far more common with free VPNs, because this malware is often related to advertising, and many free VPNs rely on advertising for revenue.

72% of free VPNs also gather data about your online activity so that they can sell that data to advertisers.

Guys, protecting your data and your privacy is a major reason for installing a VPN in the first place, so it’s shocking that free VPNs are doing this.

On top of that, free VPNs just don’t perform well.

They’re painfully slow, they can’t unblock streaming platforms, they limit the amount of data that you
can use, and the apps are clogged up with ads.

Don’t get discouraged, though, guys – it’s possible to find free VPNs that do respect your privacy and keep you safe.

Even the best free VPNs are not as functional and feature-packed as paid VPNs, but some of them will work for you if you want to add some privacy and security to your online activities.

Free VPNs always have an issue with performance, though, because the companies behind them are operating on lower budgets.

So don’t get a free VPN if you want to unblock geo-restricted streaming libraries, torrent, enjoy top-level privacy and security, and have a reliable informed team to contact if you need
help with your VPN.

Now, I’ve made a list of which free VPN is best.

It contains top VPNs that have free and premium versions, and in this video, I’m going to review their free versions.

None of these are perfect VPNs, but they’re all better than having no VPN at all.

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Why I DON’T Recommend Free VPNs
2:44 – Some Free VPNs You Should AVOID
4:09 – Best Free VPNs (Proton VPN Review)
5:29 – Best Free VPNs (Atlas VPN Review)
6:30 – Best Free VPNs (Windscribe VPN Review)
7:39 – Why Paid VPNs Are Better

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