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Best FREE VPN 2022 | 4 actually FREE VPNs

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Finding the best free VPN that performs well is pretty hard these days. That’s why you have me – I have tested tons of free VPNs and chosen 4 most worthwhile ones, which don’t require a cent of your money.

Best free VPNs:

💣 AtlasVPN ➡️

✔ No data limit
✔ Unlimited simultaneous connections
✔ Best security features
✔ 3 server locations
✔ Very fast with WireGuard
✔ No streaming or torrenting support

🧨 ProtonVPN ➡️

✔ No data limit
✔ Good security
✔ 3 server locations
✔ 1 connection per account
✔ No streaming or torrenting support

🚀 Windscribe ➡️

✔ Up to 10GB data limit
✔ 11 server locations
✔ Good security and speed
✔ Access to Netflix US and Turkey
✔ Confusing app differences

📢 Hide.Me VPN ➡️

✔ Decent speed and security
✔ 4 countries locations
✔ 10 GB data limit
✔ No streaming and torrenting support
✔ No kill switch on mobiles

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00:31 Atlas VPN free
00:51 Atlas VPN free locations & servers
1:04 Can you use Atlas VPN free for Netflix
1:35 ProtonVPN free
1:55 ProtonVPN free locations & servers
2:07 ProtonVPN free streaming & torrenting
2:42 Windscribe VPN free
3:08 Windscribe data cap
3:55 VPN free
4:29 VPN free locations
5:19 Should you get a free VPN

But the free stuff can be good and bad, and I don’t want you to wonder do free VPNs work or not. These VPNs – AtlasVPN, Windscribe and ProtonVPN are on the higher side of course, with Windscribe even being able to access geo-blocked content. While Hide.Me VPN is lacking a bit compared to those 3, it’s still a free VPN that can change location of your connection, providing privacy and security with decently fast speeds as well.

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