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Best antivirus & best VPN for Mac | Antivirus and VPN combos

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Okay, now we all know that Macs might be less targeted by malware and cyberattacks than their Windows counterparts, but that doesn’t make them bulletproof…

I’m gonna run through some reliable, best antivirus and VPN for Mac options. Covering pros & cons, so you can find the perfect peanut butter and jelly cybersecurity combination!


Now, to kick things off with a killer duo for any Apple device devotee out there – Norton antivirus & NordVPN baby:

🔥 Norton antivirus – Get a discount
I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard of Norton. These guys have been around since pretty much the beginning of time, and they’ve been leading the way for about as long. Right up top, you’re going to get some of the best malware protection on the market. Why? A) They have a massive database that catalogues everything that could be harmful to your devices. And B) Norton also uses AI in the form of machine learning to detect zero-day threats not already logged in the database. That translates to pretty top-notch protection.

Another huge benefit is their Dark Web Monitoring, which scans the shady corners of the internet for any of your information that may have been stolen in data breaches.

🔥 NordVPN – Get a discount
Now, seeing as there are some caveats with Norton’s VPN – you might be wondering what would be the best 3rd party option to safeguard your online privacy…look no further than NordVPN. First off, it has lighting speeds that are pretty hard to match, which is surprising seeing as new improvements happen pretty often.

The best part? A strict NO LOGS POLICY! Lesser VPNs are known for harvesting your data and selling it to advertisers, which almost completely defeats the purpose. With NordVPN, their policy has even been independently audited, for good measure.


Now if the previous, top-dog options intimidate you, I get it, you might want to look elsewhere. I’ve got another superhero team-up that doesn’t come with the flashy claims – Avira Antivirus and Surfshark VPN!

🚀 Avira antivirus – Get a discount
Avira has a reputation for being very Apple friendly, as well as super lightweight: it runs super efficiently with no noticeable machine slowdown while scanning, and it also provides easy, to-the-point features that are easy to use and understand.

Avira crushes it in lab tests, detecting 99-100% of all threats with very few false positives. It also has an amazing Real-Time Scanning functionality that analyzes every file you click and open in real time, allowing it to identify and quarantine anything suspicious before it has a chance to invade your computer.

🚀 Surfshark VPN – Get a discount
Now what’s the cream cheese to Avira’s bagel? I’ll tell ya: Surfshark! While carrying out my Surfshark review, I noticed it has had a full makeover to make it more Mac friendly and the results are great: from excellent speed test scores, a long list of global servers, and strong encryption, the essentials are right there. On top of that, you get multiple tunneling protocols, powerful browser extensions, and, like NordVPN, a strict no logs policy.

Another sweet perk is unlimited simultaneous connections. That means you can have everything connected to your Surfshark VPN all at once without a fuss. This is something that even NordVPN can’t match so – I’d say the Avira/surfshark duo is definitely for the more money-conscious user who likes to share their accounts.


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