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Astra Theme – Still good in 2021? (Site Setup & Speed Tests) | Astra Theme – Still good in 2021? (Site Setup & Speed Tests) – Today, we are going to learn how to use the Astra theme for WordPress. This is an industry leading theme that is completely free to use. You can download it free, right from your WordPress dashboard, or check the pro version here ➡️

The theme is very flexible and offers a lot of customization options. It’s also optimized for speed. Astra is compatible with the new Gutenberg editor. This is an editor that will become the industry default in the future. There are also some features that the Astra team have upgrade since we last looked at Astra on the channel. This tutorial is primarily focused on using Gutenberg with Astra.

Besides a fast theme, you’ll need fast hosting too – we have free trials to our recommended options available on our blog here:

Our overall hosting recommendation is Cloudways, you can get a 3 day free trial here:

We have a Cloudways setup and migration tutorial here:

0:00 Astra Introduction
1:42 Install Theme
2:42 Gutenberg v Elementor speed
3:42 Astra Starter Template
5:10 Performance options
6:30 Header, footer, menus in Astra
12:58 Colors, fonts in Astra
17:05 Block editor with Astra (Gutenberg)
22:50 Astra patterns and wireframes
23:38 Embed google map in Astra
24:52 Anchor links in Astra
27:05 Clone a page
29:59 Astra global buttons
30:31 Conclusions & recommendations

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