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Amazing Free VPS (4CPU 24GB Ram) Oracle Quick Setup Tutorial | Amazing Free VPS (4CPU 24GB Ram) Oracle Quick Setup Tutorial – Update 2022: We have a new video here ➡️ This method is a smoother setup with some extra inclusions like email, NGINX caching, and some security tweaks. Definitely check that one out too!

In this video we will be showing you how to set up a WordPress site on Oracle Cloud which is free forever! This is great for those who want to try out WordPress and see how it works and for those who just want a free site. The free tier also allows you to use free SSL certificate and a custom domain. We will be using the Oracle Cloud dashboard to set up our server and we will be using aapanel to manage our server and install WordPress.

Commands used are here:

0:00 Introduction & Sign Up
1:09 Setup Free VPS
2:05 SSH key setup
3:37 Connect with SSH
3:51 Setup VPS and
4:15 Point DNS for Domain
5:22 Install Aapanel
8:06 Add website, install WordPress
11:36 AApanel custom panel domain and SSL
14:35 Add firewall
15:11 Testing and conclusions

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